Picture Of the Day Utah Mountains

Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Utah mountainsHello friends, I’m so happy you’re here today!  I really am.  Because I want to introduce something new I’m going to try on Petit Elefant. I’m picking up the pieces of my life, and will be for a little while, but I want to stay connected to you and yours while I do it.

The best way I can think to do that is to post a photo with a little something about what you’re looking at.  This way we can stay in touch and you’ll still get your daily dose of Petit Elefant with something pretty to look at. <—— (preposition)

Sound good?  Anything in particular you’d like to see?  Today’s photo is one I took last week during a brief detour from the elementary school carpool lane.  The mountains near my house are absolutely stunning, always, but this time of year they’re spectacular with the changing leaves and low Fall sun.  So pretty.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends.  I hope life is treating you right today. xo

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  1. Elizabeth :

    Gorgeous picture!!!

  2. ella :

    this is so YUM. i am extremely jealous.

  3. Kat :

    They are so beautiful! Every time I make the drive down, I am stunned anew at them! I was just down there in July for Nerdtacular14. Gorgeous in the summer!!
    Thanks for showing me Fall!

  4. Pauline J. DeRosa :

    A stunning view indeed! We all appreciate the time you took to share this with us…
    Stay well!