Petit Elefant Quote of the Week

I love a good quote.  Like, a lot.  So I’ve decided to start a new series on Petit Elefant that I’ve been itching to do for awhile: a Petit Elefant Quote of the Week.

Warsan Shire

Starting today, I’m going to post a weekly quote.  Something that resonates with me, is relevant to topical world events, makes my heart sing.  Because a really good, timely good quote makes the world go round.

When I went away to college, my older sister sent a bound notebook to me with a note to write down a good quote when I found one, and I’ve been doing just that, faithfully, for the last 20 years.  It’s interesting to go through my quote books and see what sorts of things were resonating with me at certain periods of my life, just like it will be interesting for me to look back on this time period and see what touched me right now.


I toyed with the idea of making a printable, and maybe I will at some point.  Maybe I’ll do like Ellie and whip out my watercolor paints, get real artsy with it.  But for now, I’ll just photograph my current quote journal.  And I’m going to type out the quote below, even though it seems redundant, for those of you living across the globe who use Google Translate to read this blog (thank you, by the way).

Okay then, here we go!


Petit Elefant Quote of the Week

You woke this morning.

You have enough language

in your mouth to understand.

You have a name,

and someone wants to call it.

Five fingers on your hand,

and someone wants to hold it.

Let’s start there.

– Warsan Shire –

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