People in Europe actually use umbrellas

We apparently brought the rain with us to Warsaw, because it was nice and Spring like before we arrived.


It’s okay though, we like the rain, if for no other reason than we get to play with umbrellas.

We just don’t get the chance to really “use” umbrellas at home.  We go from car to store to car to home.  Here, we’re walking we’re walking we’re walking.  And occasionally, we’re public transit-ing.  So we need the umbrella.

rain coat

I personally love the amount of walking we’re doing, even though Charming is complaining about how he’s going to die, die right now a horrible dying death of ankle disease because they hurt so much from all the walking.


At least he has an umbrella to fly intermittently.

coca cola light

And I’m being bolstered up by all the Coca Cola *light* I’m drinking.  Not quite the Diet Dr Pepper I love so much, but it’s getting the job done, and I’m buying it downstairs in our building!

That could be a problem at home.

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  1. Katrina :

    Absolutely adore this picture of Charming! Sooo cute…
    And you are right about the walking thing, ridiculous how lazy us Americans are ;)

  2. erica :

    Charming Poppins! Love that pic and glad you’re having such a good family time.

  3. Donna :

    How fun! I love walking cities and wish we had some here. When I went to NYC I had to buy an umbrella and I got to use it! Glad you’re having fun and walking (think of all the calories you’re burning!). Hope you bought stock in band-aids before you left.

  4. kay :

    Welcome to Europe! The idea of having to be in a car all of the time is almost unthinkable- walk or cycle, cycle or walk ;) Enjoy yourselves.

  5. the emily :

    It rained both days I spent in Paris last week, and I LOVED it. Using umbrellas is fun! Doesn’t really happen in Utah.

  6. Jane Maynard :

    why do you all look so darn stinking cute? what adorable clothes, and you wear umbrellas well! :)