Pajama Party

I really have a thing for pajamas, perhaps stemming from a favorite tradition from my childhood: new PJ’s for Christmas, which we were permitted to open on Christmas Eve. I love them for myself, and I love to see my little guy all cozy in cute PJs. If you have the talents of Miss Alison here at Petit Elefant, you are probably custom making some very darling pajamas for your little ones this year. For the rest of us, I’ve noticed these cuties. Yes, I have a thing for stripes, too: 

Gap for boys and girls
Children’s Place stripes for boy and for girl
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  1. Danielle :

    We had that tradition too! Love it!

    I have such an addiction to jammies, and my boys have more pajamas than clothes! It’s a sickness!

    I like those for Garnet Hill- hadn’t looked there yet! Thanks!

  2. Petit Elefant :

    I did the stripes from Children's Place last year for the kids-so cute! Hannah Anderson has stripes for the whole family. The mom & dad ones are darling!

  3. KJ :

    going to Hannah Anderson right now. Haven’t clicked over there in awhile!