Pack for a weekend trip to London

packing for a weekend trip to London// Trip to London for the weekend?  Hey, a girl can dream.  I’m dreaming, always, of England. (Okay, let’s be honest, sometimes, a lot of times, I’m dreaming of Costa Rica). But guest travel blogger Gemma lives in Sweden and travels wherever she can, whenever possible, lucky girl, and today Gemma lays it all out for us: exactly what to pack for a weekend trip to London, and why.  This is the business. // (Editor’s note from Allison)

England Camden MarketHave you ever suffered from “vogue shock”? You step out of your hotel room, thinking you’re a foxy lady… Until you realize you’re surrounded by a million modelesque European women that have a natural taste for exquisite style. All of a sudden, you’re stuck on Oxford Street wearing your “comfortable shoes” that are covered in grass stains, and a baggy “I heart NYC” sweatshirt. You feel totally self-conscious and want to dump your luggage into the Serpentine or secretly desert it inside of a double-decker bus.

I feel ya. I travel quite a bit. I took a break from university life and currently live in Stockholm, making spontaneous weekend trips to random cities, thanks to low-class airfare and my ability to live on cheap food. I don’t have loads of cash to spend on clothing, so I’ve come up with a small collection of staple clothes that I bring on most every trip. I was raised by an Italian mamma that trained me to live fashionably – without breaking bank. This weekend, I’ll be returning to beloved London.

Weekend trip to London

Before I get to the meat of this post, make sure to pack the following:

  • A simple, black or navy BLAZER
  • A trendy, warm cardigan
  • leather gloves
  • warm socks
  • thick black tights
  • underwear that doesn’t show (you know what I mean)
  • a book about London that includes a map
  • an electric plug converter

London is classy, yet edgy. If you’re like me, you tend to stick to classic styles that will never fade, but you aren’t afraid to be bold when the time is right. I like to have one dress that leaves me feeling like a simple canvas, perfect for meandering through museums and gardens. I also bring one that makes me feel trendy and bold for parties and other late night adventures… Keep in mind that both are wrinkle-free.

packing for a trip to LondonNext, I’ll be sure to bring a purse that compliments most of my outfits. I’ll also stick in a (wrinkle free!) minimalistic shirt that can be swapped out with different bottoms. The key to traveling lightly is finding things that can be easily mixed & matched… Matched with a couple pairs of hot pants aka skinny jeans/slacks! Skinnies are great for many reasons, but mostly because the wrinkles disappear when they’re on (no, not the wrinkles on your face)! Keep in mind that I’ll be wearing a knee-length coat when I’m wearing my hot pants out on the streets (I had a bad experience with someone not keeping his hands to himself in the tube station last trip, so now I’m more cautious).

shoes for travelingNow for what SHOES to bring! If I were to travel to Stockholm, I’d definitely pack my Nike’s to climb the rocks and hike the forests. London is all pavement, so I don’t see a need to pack them. I also don’t see the need to pack high heels because I’ll be walking a lot. A pair of Wellies, a pair of classic Mary Jane’s, and some chic oxfords are all I need (I’ll wear the Wellies on the plane to save room in my suitcase). Remember to break in your shoes BEFORE you arrive.

Packing for a weekend trip to London

A WARM coat and hat are VITAL. London is not known for its snow, but it is known for its freezing temperatures in the winter. I’ll go ahead and wear a huge bow hat (I’m in London, I’ll do what I want!)

pack for a weekend tripAnd here’s another outfit I’ll throw in, just in case I drool on my other outfits when I walk past attractive British men.

Any tips you have for packing?  What would you pack for a weekend trip to London?

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//   Gemma Grover threw out her textbooks after a year at university in Provo, Ut, and hopped on a plane in the pursuit of finding herself. She currently lives on an island of Stockholm, Sweden. She takes sporadic trips when her bank account allows her to do so (and sometimes when it doesn’t allow her to do so). She carries a camera and black licorice wherever she goes.   //

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  1. Maria :

    Just wondered why you would need wellies for a trip to London??? I live just outside London but hardly ever wear my wellies. Trainers would be my choice for walking all day!

  2. Sabine :

    I live in London. Wellies are OK, but not very comfortable. I’d swap them for trainers.
    The most important thing to bring to London are coats or jackets that are not only water proof but wind proof. It doesn’t get too cold here most of the time, but -5c in London feels 10 times colder than -15c elsewhere as a permanent damp wind blows. And comfortable shoes. London has lots of public transport, but be prepared to walk endless corridors and up and down stairs when interchanging or exiting the tube.
    Bring some smart clothes for the evening. Many places here still have a no jeans or trainers policy. Even some pubs!

  3. Leather trunk :

    I agree with Sabine , you should try some alternate.