Our master bathroom remodel part I

master bathroom before photoOur master bathroom is kind of a nightmare.  Was kind of a nightmare I mean, right before we ripped it all out.

jetted tub master bath remodelIt all started when we bought our house, almost ten years ago.  The master bathroom and (attached) walk-in closet were part of the reason we loved the house; the jetted tub was my closer.  What we didn’t notice, or know to notice, was all the water damage in the bathroom.

warped floor in bathroom The floor next to the bath was so soggy I could push down the linoleum with my toes.  When I ripped the green ivy wallpaper down a few weeks after moving in, (no really, ivy wallpaper to match the turquoise counters and spotted turquoise linoleum) I discovered more water damage in the form of smushy walls and peeling drywall.

We didn’t have any extra cash, so I did what anyone else would do: I peeled back as much bad drywall as possible before I painted over the whole thing.

moldy bathroom floorThe water damage in the master bath got worse, much worse, but honestly who has an extra five thousand dollars laying around for a bathroom remodel?  We didn’t.

chipped countertop master bathroomChipped up counter, who cares?

our master bathroom remodel

Rusted out sink?  Nobody’s looking.  Except me every time I washed my hands and cut myself all over the drain, no bigs.

But eventually the master bathroom turned into kind of a big deal.  The faucet started leaking like crazy, the mold problem exploded, there was water damage all over the ceiling of the garage below the bath and I started having fantasies (not the good kind) of falling through the floor into the garage every time I took a shower.

boob light master bathroom remodel

Plus I hated the contractor special boob light.  A lot.  Who keeps making these?

Dear Contractors,

Why?  Why?  No one likes the boob lights.

Knock it off.

Love, Me.

master bathroom remodel before photosLittle by little we started making plans to demolish the master bath and start from scratch.  I let the kids draw all over the walls with permanent marker (kid heaven!) sketched up some basic plans, nothing fancy, and we were on our way.

master bathroomIt’s not like our bathroom wasn’t perfectly acceptable, minus all the scary mold and water damage, it’s just that, well.  I guess mold and water damage aren’t totally up to code, and I’m not cool with wasting gallons of water due to leaky faucets, so we ripped it all out down to the studs.

bathroom remodel before

No more faux marble tub surround and shower.

counter master bathroom Goodbye turquoise and white flecked counter-top.

*hiccup sob*

(I personally sledgehammered that bad boy).

master bathroom remodel

No more linoleum.

master bathroom shower curtain

I will miss my Vera Wang shower curtain, but I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to re-use it eventually.

our master bath remodel photos

Goodbye bathroom.

master bathroom old sink

Sayonara porcelain sink with the rusty drain and moldy, cracked faucet.

our master bath before remodel

Oh you, you not-industrial, low-flow toilet.  I hated you most.

view from the floor

Au revoir droopy vanity cupboard doors, you’ve messed with my OCD heart muy long time.

master bath old counter

Adios moldy, chipped, broken-down, leaky faucet, dripping tub, rusted out bathroom.

I’ll never miss you.

master bathroom remodel before photo

See you later, master of none.

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  1. Qui Pardue :

    yay! I’m ready for part II, this is exciting :)

  2. alecia :

    Can’t wait to see the final!

  3. Kara :

    Oh my goodness. What a great large space to get to play with for a remodel. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    (And i had to laugh at “boob light”! I must have had a half dozen of these in my home until I replaced all of them!)

  4. Jenny :

    How did all that water damage pass inspection? Wasn’t there mold or something terrible? I think when it’s done you should make a punch pass for people to come use the facilities to help recoup your costs.

  5. Jenny :

    Also, I call those lights boob lights also. I wonder what all those young males who build homes call them.

  6. elz :

    I can’t wait to see the finished product. A major bathroom remodel would be heaven, what were our previous homeowners’ thinking?!

  7. Karen Hibl :

    oh, my gosh! i love this. i am looking forward to what you will do with the place. love your writing :) so fun.