Our master bathroom remodel before and after

Our master bathroom is finally done.  YOU GUYS.  The bathroom is doooooooonnnnnne.

master bathroom remodel reveal

And before we proceed any deeper into the amazing glory that is our new bathroom, I’d like you all to know, *AHEM* that my husband is a saint and the lengthy duration of this remodeling process had nothing to do with him.  The epic-ness of tearing out an entire bathroom to the studs while living in the room next door is, well, a thing.  A complicated thing.  Especially because we did 50% of the work ourselves and a contractor did the other 50% when we had time and when he had time, which is to say, the master bathroom remodel has seemed never-ending.

bathroom candles I’d also like to state for the record: when I say ‘we’ I always mean everyone BUT me.  My husband, my kids, my husband’s best friend, my old college roommate’s husband. ‘We’ means lots of people who aren’t me.  Just so we’re all clear.

Before I show you the gorgeous new master bathroom, I just want to remind you of the awful bathroom I posted yesterday.  The before-before, the before from when we were house hunting and were thinking of buying our house, ivy wallpaper and all before:

before master bathroom remodel

Then this, the before-ish before, after we’d moved into the house and done some quick duct-tape type redecorating on a budget:

master bath before remodel And the master bathroom now:

bathroom remodelBefore:

master bathroom beforeAfter:

en suite bathroom

Old Jacuzzi tub:

old jetted tub

New Jacuzzi tub:

master bathroom bathtub master bath jacuzzi

View from the old walk-in closet:

master bathroom beforeView from the new walk-in closet:

master bathroom after photoRemember the half “modesty wall” our contractor was so excited about from master bath remodel part 3?

master bath remodel afterI actually like the way it looks with the white subway tile, and it provides a nice little barrier between the toilette and the shower.  For privacy, you know.

master bathroom showerSee?  When you’re in the steam shower you can forget you’re in a bathroom altogether and pretend you’re at your favorite spa having a nice aromatherapy steam.

I do that sometimes.

custom mirrorThe general decor for the master bath is meant feel like Costa Rica and beachy regions south.  The beach is our happy place as a family, and since we aren’t going to move to Costa Rica anytime soon (although we all should) we brought the gorgeous surf beaches to us.

costa rica beachLast year we had a canvas photo made of our children on the beach in Costa Rica, and I love it so much we decided to hang it above the jacuzzi tub so I can see it first thing every morning.  The colors in the beach photo happen to be some of my favorite colors and they set the palette for the entire bathroom.

Turquoise, green, blue.

Sea glass colors.

bathroom shelvingI love this simple but huge clock which hangs on the other tub wall (clearance bin, IKEA) and some sea grass (also IKEA) sits on the jacuzzi tub shelf right underneath.  It’s meant to look like sea-grass obviously, placed in a gorgeous glass vase surrounded by shells we’ve collected from beaches all over the world.

IKEA wall clock The whole design of the new master bathroom remodel was created to feel clean, beachy, organized, simple, minimalist.

master bath complete remodelI wish my whole house looked like this bathroom.

walk-in closet

The walk-in closet was a such a disaster of wasted space, (even though I kept it really well organized) so we decided to tear it all out and start the design from scratch.  We sacrificed half the closet to make room for a steam shower AND jacuzzi tub and it ended up being our best move yet.  The shower is amazing, and even though we lost half the closet we built up, all the way vertical like the Europeans do, and we actually have more storage space now and no wasted wall and / or floor space.

custom closetPart of that vertical space is for holding my labeled shoe bins stacked two high, and there are three carefully measured boot shelves to hold my boots two deep.

Trust me, I’m jealous of myself right now.

master bedroom closet

Everything else in the walk-in closet was 100% specifically designed to our needs (I’m a clothes horse, my husband is not) and planned out using IKEA’s closet accessories which super duper maximize small spaces.

IKEA closetThe far right part of the closet above holds my hanging shirts at the top, folded pants two-deep on the slide-out pants rack below, and on the very bottom we’ll install a pull out shoe rack that holds 18 pair of shoes.

walk in closetThe pull out drawers hold sweaters and rolled up tees, and there’s a slide-out accessory rack on the backside for scarves and belts.  The hanging rack on the left hand side of my side of the closet is for long ball-gown type dresses, and gets shorter above the drawers for hanging skirts and long tunics.

My husband gets a pants rack, shoe rack, wire basket, and a place to hang button down shirts.

Shut up, I know.

The double sink is another favorite piece of the new bathroom.  Here’s the old vanity:

bathroom before remodelAnd the new one:

ikea sinks Thanks IKEA!  I love that it floats above the floor.  Feels awesome-er that way.

The mirror above the vanity is the old mirror with a custom frame built and stained by my husband.  I LOVE it.

master bath shower



The steam shower was tricky -ish, but worth every ounce of effort and dollar bills.  It was all completely custom built which is what makes it not cheap, but since we created a steam shower in a completely random space (goodbye gun closet!), there was no other way to go.

walk in shower I love the free floating shower door handle.  I’m not sure why, but I do.

The tile on the shower floor is pebbled tile, inspired by the flooring we fell in love with in Costa Rica (the shower in our lodge at Lapa Rios had black river rock floors) and it’s my favorite.  When the pebbles get wet they smell a little like summer rain.  Heaven.

master bath steam roomThe steam comes out right below the built-in bench so I soak away my achy body in 30 minute intervals while I sit right above the 120 degree heat, and sometimes lavender aromatherapy.

home steam showersCome over!  We’ll all get steamy and relaxed together.

Swimsuits mandatory.

master bath jacuzziThe bathroom flooring is pretty rad too.  It’s tile made to look like whitewashed wood planks and I love it more than anyone should love a floor.

tile wood floor

The flooring is really pretty next to the stark white subway tile, isn’t it?

master bath toiletAnd finally, Pinterest made me do it, I really wanted a sliding barn door for the new master bathroom so Viktor built one and varnished it in a gorgeous, bright bold yellow.

It couldn’t be more perfect.

custon barn door

So, what do you think?  Does it pass muster?

Thank you for being excited with me and sticking it out patiently one step at a time while this amazing remodel came together.  Seriously, it helped enormously to have my amazing readers invested in this project!

If you’d like to reminisce a little, here are all the posts along the way as this blessed master bathroom went from ivy wallpaper to white subway tile and everything in-between.

Our master bathroom remodel part I, master bathroom remodel design ideas, our master bathroom remodel take 2, master bathroom remodel part 3, and finally the worst of them all: our master bathroom remodel before.

// A big, huge, fat THANK YOU to Lowe’s for supplying us with a generous amount of supplies to complete this remodel, and to Jacuzzi who awesomely provided us with a jetted tub for the master bathroom. //

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    It’s gorgeous! It was worth the wait.

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    It’s bea-utiful!

  4. Qui :

    it is GORGEOUS!! What a beautiful bathroom. I love all the flooring and the white subway tiles. The rock flooring in the shower reminds me of vacation because the hotel my husband and I stayed at in Barcelona had similar rock in the shower. It’s lovely. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to have a shower of my own that reminds of vacation everyday :)

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    IT IS GLORIOUS! I am especially fond of the the different types of flooring! I wish your blog has a scratch ‘n sniff button so I could sample that shower tile rain smell. AMAZING JOB!!

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    Swimsuits mandatory? You’ve been the French Riviera, I’m a little disappointed. But I’m not disappointed in the bathroom. It is simple beautiful and worth every penny spent. Now your bedroom is next so when you walk out of the bathroom you’re still in heaven and don’t realize you’re home until you walk out of your bedroom!

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