Our Halloween Costumes This Year

This year our Halloween costumes were straight up D.I.Y. and both kids decided they wanted to make their own costumes without any help from me thankyouverymuch, (hallelujah for this stage of life!).  This year was double fun because our friend and photographer Justin Hackworth shot Halloween photos of the kids last week ahead of the holiday so you get a sneak peek into how they’re headed out tonight.  I absolutely love how the pictures turned out! He’s a magician, that Justin.

My little Lego brick was super easy.  I didn’t actually participate in any of the making of said costume, but here’s the DIY if you want to make your own!


Our Halloween Costumes

How to make a Lego costume:

  • hot glue
  • furniture box
  • paper plates
  • saw
  • spray paint




  1. Cut a circle in the top of the box for the head.  Cut out the whole bottom of the box, so you can slide it on.  Cut armholes.
  2. Hot glue paper plates to the front and back of the box.  We used 6 to make a 2 x 6 Lego brick.
  3. Spray paint entire box the Lego color of your choice.  We liked how true the blue was to an actual Lego piece.  Repeat 2-3 times.
  4. Voila!



Adorable.  Easy, cute, and practically free.


Halloween, photographed by Justin Hackworth


Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas was actually a last minute fill in costume while the “real costume” was being made.  The “actual” costume was Nyan Cat (I won’t link to what that is for your own sanity), but Sally turned out to be a pretty amazing intermediary.  Our neighbor and friend Rainey made this costume for herself, a few years ago out of fabric scraps.  Isn’t it great?  It’s just pieced together and then all that’s left to do for the rest of the costume is a little bit of face makeup.


Halloween, photographed by Justin Hackworth

How to make Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

  • old dress or basic A-line thrift-store dress
  • cheap black eyeliner
  • white Halloween face makeup
  • scraps of colored fabric (coordinated to look like Sally’s dress)
  • hot glue
  • (optional: sewing machine)


Halloween, photographed by Justin Hackworth


  1. Use an old or thrift-store dress as a pattern / base.
  2. Rip /cut pieces of fabric you already own (or buy) into the appropriate shapes + sizes using photos of Sally as a guide.
  3. Glue or sew scraps of fabric onto the base dress.
  4. Paint face white with Halloween makeup.  Create “stitches” across face and body using black eyeliner.  (black lipstick optional, Sally actually has red lips)
  5. Wear a long red haired wig or straighten your long hair.
  6. (optional) accessorize with white tights + black boots or shoes.


Halloween, photographed by Justin Hackworth


It’s such a great costume.  Thanks Rainey, for letting us borrow Sally for yet another year!  And a big, FAT thank you to Justin Hackworth for such great photos.

Have a happy and SAFE Halloween!  xo

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