unforgettable oscar dresses.

Did you have an Oscar contest with your family and friends last night? We did, and I think Precocious might have taken the whole thing just by playing *eeny meenie miny mo* with her Oscar picks. She doesn’t know any of the movies or stars, and I think it helped.

I was rooting for Meryl long before she hit the red carpet, I loved her in Julie & Julia and I think she deserved the Oscar for her performance. She looks phenomenal in white. What a classic gown too. Way to go Meryl, we love you at our house!

I didn’t see Vera Farmiga‘s movie, but her dress, oh her dress made me swoon last night. The color, the ruffles, the oh! Loved it.

I know Elizabeth Banks has done other things since Scrubs, but I’ll always love her for it. And I adore her for taking a chance on the red carpet last night. The train was awe inspiring Elizabeth, kudos!

J.Lo? I think this might be the first and last time we agree on a dress, ever. But you nailed it last night, even if this isn’t the most flattering photo of how hot you looked.

Gabourney Sidibe, I saved the best for last. You were darling last night. The dress was fabulous, the color divine on you, and the fist bumps on the red carpet made me giggle. Love you.

What did you think about last night? Do you even care about Oscar fashion? I would have given anything to have been on the red carpet last night seeing the dresses and accessories up close. It’s my Super Bowl people, my March Madness, my rodeo season.

Whatever, I love it.

P.S. Tim McGraw? Please grow your beard back, you look weird without it.

photos via US Weekly.com

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  1. TM_Erin :

    No Sandra Bullock? I thought she looked magnificent from head to toe.

  2. Sarah :

    I am no fashionista – but I hated Jennifer Lopez's dress. I thought it looked like bubble wrap. Again, no fashionista, I know nothing about fashion…

  3. Camille :

    Didn't get to watch the Oscars, but saw the photos.

    Many lovely ladies in their gowns.

    But Miley, stand up straight, girl. You've got more confidence than that!

    And, Antonio Banderas… lose the beard, dude!

  4. Naomi :

    Really didn't get the ruffle fan dress or J Lo's but I loved Penelope Cruz and Sandra Bullock. And I am voting a serious thumbs-down on all the scruffy bearded menfolk, although my husband LOVED that. Oh, wait, Jeff Bridges can do that. But everyone else oughta shave.

  5. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma :

    Meryl was my favorite and as divine as ever; she was radiating in her white gown. I too LOVED Sandra, her dress, her poise and her classic hair style. Side note: loving little Zac Efron's new hair do and his slimfit tux.


  6. Petit Elefant :


    I loved her. I love that she didn't tolerate Seacrest on the red carpet either, double props.

    TM Erin,

    I really waffled back and forth with Sandra. I think someone might have given her a heads up about the award so she dressed like an oscar. But I did love it.

    My bad.


    Her dress was actually better from other angles, but I did like it. I think I was mostly grateful I couldn't see any of her cleavage.


    My first thought about Miley was: stand up straight girl, you're representing all the little girls of America!!!!


    I personally think every last one of them should shave, I'm SO not a fan of facial hair. But Tim just looks weird without it. Also, loved the color of Penelope's dress but not the cut.


    I know, isn't Zac darling? Love him.


    Good recap! I agree about Charlize's dress, mercy, help us!

  7. Miranda :

    Is it just me, or was Meryl actually glowing every time the camera was on her. Like, lights were shining from the heavens on her. Also, Tim without a beard or hat is a man unrecognizable.

  8. The Dragonfly :

    I agree with you on all but ONE: J. Lo's dress looked like bubble wrap to me and I thought it made her look chunky instead of curvy.

    I loved Kristen Stewart's dress {fit like a glove} and Demi' Moore's dress {she actually pulled off peach!}.

  9. The Dragonfly :

    Ps. Hair winners: Sandra Bullock & Kate Winslet – so sleek, not a single flyaway, so classy!

  10. Petit Elefant :


    Many people agree with you on hating the J.Lo, which is cool, I get it.

    I loved Demi's dress but I'm so tired of the blah colors on the red carpets of late.

    The hair, oh the hair, fabulouso.

  11. Elz :

    Vera and Meryl were tops in my book, followed closely by Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz. Meryl is so cool and her dress was designed by Chris March from Project Runway. Love.

  12. Deb :

    What about Cameron Diaz??? She was my absolute favorite! Charming and lovely.

    Gabourney is so lovely, isn't she? :)

  13. likeschocolate :

    This year I wasn't really impressed by the dresses this year. I did like Amanda Siegfield ? her last name, but anyway, I wish there had been more pop of color. Too many pale colors. What was with the technical aspect of the show. Mics not cut off when they were suppose to, film crew getting infront of the camera, not zooming in when they should have. It seemed like they had high school children working the cameras. I agree with you on the Best Actress award. While Sadra was good, and took a risk out of her traditional roles, Meryl was fantastic. You would have thought she was Julia Childs in recarnate.

  14. ALC :

    I didn't actually watch the show but logged on the internet to see the dresses because let's face it.. that's all I cared about(says the sister who has been accused of hating fashion)..I liked Sandra Bullock's dress even though most of my friends didn't – Conversely – hated J.Lo though most of my friends loved her. I thought the men were hideous. Show me a real movie star please! Or send the men to Carson!