Organizing Your House Week Six

Okay, so I took a summer vacation off of everything, including blogging, and blogging about organizing.  But I’m back and there’s so much more organizing to do to get all of our houses in order, so let’s get started!

Organizing Your House Week 6

If you’re just getting started on this organizing project, here’s the drill: I’m helping you get your house organized, one week at a time.  Sometimes we take breaks, and sometimes we organize two weeks in a row.  The main thing is that we’re consistently organizing, and doing it in bite-sized chunks so it’s not overwhelming.  You can totally do this.  I’ll hold your hand the whole way.

organizing your house week six

You can catch up on what we’ve organized so far right here!

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  5. Organizing Your House Week Five (your jewelry box)



How-To Organize Your Tupperware Drawer

This week we’re organizing the Tupperware / reusable dishes cupboard in the kitchen.  I don’t know about you, but that drawer (it’s a drawer in my house) gets ugly scary fast.  A girl could really get lost in there.

  • Step 1: Pull everything out and see what you’ve got

This can be a hard part.  Things get messy before they get pretty.

That’s actually a pretty good life motto if you think about it.

Anyway, pull everything out.  Put it all in one place so you can have an honest conversation about your hoarding tendencies.

  • Step 2: Sort

This is my most favorite, OCD-friendly part of organizing.  Sort everything into piles:

  • Do any of these containers have lids?
  • Why do I have 50 lids and 10 containers?
  • Do I even use my Tupperware containers?
  • When was the last time I took leftovers to work in a container?
  • How many sizes of Tupperware does one human need? How many do 4 humans need?


freezer jam container

A lot of these containers ended up in the drawer after I made a huge batch of homemade strawberry jam last spring.  They just sort of accumulated and needed to be pulled out and sent back to the basement with the canning supplies, where they belong.

Don’t get caught up in the jam containers of your life, banish them to the basement.


  • Step 3: Clean + Tidy

Clean it up!  Now that you’ve pulled out the contents of the drawer, it’s time to clean.  Vacuum, wipe, disinfect.


Step 4: Put it back

This is maybe the second most fun organizing part for me, next to sorting.  Because everything is cleaned and organized, and all you have to do is put your (highly curated) stuff back!  And it looks so clean and organized! My heart swoons at the sight.


Step 5: Recycle / Donate / Toss

Less fun, but maybe the most important part of the whole organizing job is the getting-rid-of-the-stuff part.  Send it to the thrift store, donate it to a shelter, give it to your neighbor.  Don’t waste anything, recycle where you can, but just make sure it gets out of your life, the end.

I repeated with a drawer underneath the Tupperware stuff.  It doesn’t look terrible, but it needed to be sorted in a bad way.

kitchen drawer

So I repeated steps 1-5 above, and boom.  Clean! Organized!  Useful!

organizing kitchen drawers organized kitchen cupboard

There you go.  Another drawer in your life, organized.  See how easy that was?  Go get ’em!

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