List Of Organizations Accepting Donations For Syria

Donations for Syria

donations for Syria

If you’ve been reading Petit Elefant for any length of time you’ve heard me talk about how my husband was a refugee who fled Poland as a child. He and his family received aid from global organizations both before and after they came to America.  You can imagine how personal the current refugee crisis and civil war in Syria are for me and my family.  There are children in Aleppo, Syria right now who are like my was husband as a child: cold, hungry, in danger, and terrified.  They’ve been displaced from their homes, from their country, many from family.

This is a global crisis of epic proportions.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I talk about Syria, do some quick research and meet me back here.  We don’t have time to get into that here.  All we have time for is the list below of reputable organizations I’ve gathered from friends and colleagues who work in the nonprofit world, to which you can donate money right this minute.

I encourage you to give as much as you’re able, where you’re able, for as long as you’re able.

My husband is now a grown man with a warm, safe home, a good job, and enough food to eat.  We’re at a place and time in our lives where we are able give back to the very organizations who gave aid to my husband as a young refugee child.  When you give aid to a refugee like my husband they turn around and give aid to the next people in need, because they never forget the kindness of strangers who gave them aid when they needed it most.

We can help.  We can do this.  We can all divert a small amount of money away from a holiday gift for ourselves or our families, we can skip a week’s worth of coffee at the local coffee shop, we can forego a small luxury, and we can spend it on aiding in the people of Syria instead.

By the way, this week Upworthy wrote a great piece about Aleppo along with a list of a myriad of organizations you can donate to aid with the crisis in Syria.  Here’s another great piece about Aleppo from the Daily Telegraph.

This quote from the Upworthy piece is helpful to all of us who are overwhelmed with the news:

“It’s easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed and want to turn away from a story like this. The news is bleak — and likely to get bleaker. But those of us with the good fortune to live in safety have a responsibility to do what we can to help. And there are ways to help.”

Here’s the list of organizations accepting donations for Syria:


Thank you for being rock stars and helping others in great need.  It matters, an awful lot. Every volunteer on the ground in Syria thanks you, and every refugee receiving help thanks you, and when we look back at this moment in time, you will be grateful you helped.

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  1. Emily Hill :

    Thank you for this list. Just donated to Save the Children. <3