new york city weekend + fat ankles.

I flew home from New York City yesterday and I’m thrashed.  Exhausted, spent, tired to the max.  My poor body {the one with the Stupid Lupus}  has had it, so I’m going to chill for a few days and give it a little R&R.

Look at this photo I snapped from my phone on the way home from the airport.

Nasty, right?  Sorry, I had to share, it’s what I do.

Here’s another slightly less horrific photo from New York City.


I did it for the kids, like the rest of everything I do in my life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put my feet up and enjoy some ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper.  They don’t serve that stuff anywhere in the city.

See you back here tomorrow.

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  1. kelleyn :

    The humidity is evil this summer. I have had that happen to me a few times this summer. Next time make sure you drink plenty of water.

  2. jen :

    wow, your ankles look like mine right now–only i didn’t have a fun-filled weekend in new york…..i’m 2 days past my due date :(

  3. Kathleen :

    I’m thrashed too (what a perfect description). I’m so behind on everything, from laundry to posts. I’m a bit overwhelmed, but am so glad I got to meet you. Social Luxe was such a great party–so well done!

  4. EmmieJ :

    I’ve got blisters to last for days. It was so great to see you again in New York. Can’t wait until next time!

  5. LoveFeast Table :

    It was a pleasure meeting you!! Hope your ankles get some de-swellage and you get some rest!!
    ~Kristin and Chris Ann

  6. Sarah :

    Ha! I was on a total lookout for diet DP and found one finally at the Duane Read at Penn Station. I am not ashamed to admit that I walked 20 blocks for it either, it’s too tasty!

  7. To Think Is To Create :

    My ankles looked the same way! Got home last night and could barely walk. ‘Tis a tad better today, but still off my feet. Wowzers, I’m getting old.

  8. kalanicut :

    I’ve had those ankles before. Horrifying aren’t they! I need to get compression socks for airplanes. I bought 2 elastic ankle braces at the dollar store that I use instead, which help quite a bit. I just pop them on when I get on the plane and slide them off before we get off

    But I think compression socks would work much better and definitely need to invest in a pair. I always get scared thinking I’m going to “thow a clot” and die. :)

  9. Kristopher Wood :

    The heat and humidity have been killer in NYC ALL FREAKING Summer. On another note, if you ever come here with the kids and want to take them to the Natural History Museum (dinosaurs, Hayden Planetarium, etc) I will happily lend you my family pass. Relax and enjoy the Diet DP!