15 new year’s eve playlist songs

Some of my favorites for some New Year’s Eve mixing, mingling, flirting, toasting, and two-stepping

Fly Me to the Moon–Frank Sinatra
The Best is Yet to Come–Frank Sinatra
Save the Last Dance–Michael Buble
Everything–Michael Buble
Come Fly With Me–MIchael Buble
Be Ok–Ingrid Michaelson
It Had to be You–Harry Connick, Jr.
We Are in Love–Harry Connick, Jr.
Better Together–Jack Johnson
Melody–Kate Earl
Moondance–Van Morrison
The Show–Lenka
Auld Lang Syne–Bare Naked Ladies
Auld Lang Syne–Straight No Chaser

all available at itunes

This is a pretty good mix, also

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  1. Megan {ShabbyBlogs} :

    I can't believe I just discovered you, but I did. And I will be back. (Not in a Terminator way, but like a "this girl is so rad and I totally have to bookmark her!" kind of way.) So yeah. Delighted to have found you!

  2. Petit Elefant :

    Great playlist KJ!


    So glad you found me too! Come on back any old time, I'll be here!