my first black eye

I’ve done a lot of things in my life.  I’ve played a lot of different sports, camped a lot of random dangerous places, ripped a handful of ligaments, birthed two children, tolerated 9 months of a P.I.C.C. line, and endured more than my fair share of surgeries but until yesterday, I’ve never had a black eye.

It’s no walk in the park, this black eye business.  Mine hurts like the devil.

I took this photo of my kids skiing at the summit of Park City Mountain Resort just minutes before I crashed head over tail on my skis down the mountain.  It was beautiful at the top, and was our last run of the day.


I don’t actually remember what happened, but I’m fairly certain I have a mild concussion and perhaps a torn something-or-other in my shoulder.  I also have a splitting headache, violent nausea, and the stiffest body you can even imagine.


So yeah, I might look tough on the outside, but I’m trying not to cry.

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  1. Dina :

    Ooooh major ouch! Take care.

  2. Amie :

    Ouchie…looks painful!

  3. Donna Hansen :

    Ouch! You should go everywhere and let everyone see you and wear that black eye like a badge!

  4. Trainer Momma :

    So sorry, friend. Rest and sleep!

  5. Kacy Faulconer :

    Gorgeous smoky eye tutorial!

  6. Alicia W. :

    Ouch! I hope you recover quickly!

  7. Heather :

    As a TBI survivor (still recovering) a concussion should not be taken lightly especially with your symptoms. You need to get a scan to make sure you have no swelling or bleeding on your brain. Were you wearing a helmet?

    Get Well soon — and take fish oil daily for thirty days ASAP. News article about fish oil;,1458107.html

    I feel sick thinking about you going through what I have gone through. :-( I am so very sorry.

  8. dgm :

    De-lurking to second what Heather just said. If it was just a black eye, okay, but those other symptoms (nausea, splitting headache, etc.) definitely merit a hasty trip to the ER. Please? :)

  9. Tami Warner :

    Oh no Allison!! That is terrible. I hope you feel better very soon!!

  10. the emily :

    Dude! That totally sucks. I’ll never forget the day I took a tumble like that…and tore my ACL. I’ve never been the same. I’m totally terrified every time I go skiing, and I hate that, because it was my favorite thing to do before. Hope you feel better really soon.

  11. Heidi E :

    Dang it! I’m sorry to hear about your painful crash. Those concussions are no fun! Tell your hubby to let you rest and take it easy a little. Hope you can recover soon and enjoy the rest of your holiday. :}

  12. Carina :

    That’s the worst smoky eye you’ve ever done.

  13. Aimee Giese | Greeblemonkey :


    And I was TOTALLY gonna rag on the smokey eye too, but Carina beat me too it.

    Feel better soon, sweetie!

  14. Kelly :

    OUCH! I scored a shiner a few years ago after slipping on some ice and face planting. frozen peas will be your new best friend. xo

  15. Kris :

    That totally happened to me – minus the black eye part – several years ago on our last ski run. Keep in mind it had been about 17 years since I had been skiing and I felt like I could pick up where I left off! haha… Long story short: last run of the day, cruising off the trail a bit, feeling cocky (and youthful, which I’m NOT), went over some dead bushes, crashed, my gear flew off my body, it was spread out like a yard sale, and I wondered whose arm was twisted around MY head! Yeah, couldn’t get out of my attire without hubby’s help, had to keep my arm tightly at my side, violently nauseous down the mountain road, and went on an Advil high for the next week to control the torn “something or other” in my shoulder. I feel for you, girl! At least you have a nice eye to show for it! (And an excellent conversation starter at your New Year’s Eve party!)

  16. Rachel :

    Allison! :-(

    Poor baby :-(