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high heels

A few months ago I was accidentally shopping at Nordstrom with my husband {hey, it happens!} when we came across a women’s shoe sale.  It’s not pretty finding a shoe sale you weren’t planning to find.  Oops! There goes the kids’ college tuition!

jessica simpson shoes

I found these Jessica Simpson nude heels for $45.  They were normally twice that, and I fell fast and hard for these babies.  I’ve fought the nude trend forever, thinking it’s just not a flattering shade for anyone, anywhere.  And boy, I was wrong.


I also probably judged Jessica Simpson prematurely, thinking that her life choices were indicative of what kind of shoes “she” would design.  Well, girlfriend has an amazing team of designers because this is the second pair of Jessica Simpson shoes in my closet.

What was your last impulse buy?

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  1. Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE :

    I’m going back for a pair of nude heels today, myself. Nude heels = faux long legs = I’LL TAKE TWO. Obviously. If they’re out of stock I’m going on a cookie binge, I’ve been thinking on these shoes for like two weeks…

  2. the wanna be country girl :

    Great find! I own two pairs of her shoes also. So comfy, so cute. I never would have thought I would have been a big JS design fan, but I’m glad to say I am.
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  3. Emily :

    Great find! I’m anti nude shoes only b/c I’ve never found a shade that looks natural with my skin color. Anyway, these look like they’d fit the bill. Hmm, my last impulse buy was probably fabric. I’ve “banned” myself from buying fabric several times this year.

  4. katrina :

    I too recently bought a new pair of rediculously expensive shoes.. I also plan to post about them soon… they are doozeys!

  5. Jenny :

    Nude shoes are awesome and I want a pair of patent leather nude pumps but the ones I like are all over $100. My last impulse buy was yesterday and it was from Nordstrom, another red lipstick. I LOVE it but feel marginally guilty.

  6. elz :

    I can’t buy Jessica Simpson shoes and it KILLS me because her stuff is so cute. But, I just can’t separate the person from the shoes. My last impulse buy…I’ve been restocking my undies drawer, so pretty, frilly things.

    Shoe wise- Kate Spade. OMG Kate Spade. Perfetion.