My Favorite Figure Flattering One-Piece Swimsuits 2016

One-piece swimsuits are the figure flattering champions of the swimwear world, and I’m loving what I’m seeing right now for Summer 2016.  There are so many different color choices, cleavage options, (no, really) and styles – there’s something for everyone.

one-piece swimsuit


Even if you aren’t into camouflaging a tummy (who isn’t into covering up a tummy?), these 12 one-piece swimsuits will have you swooning for a sunny day at the pool.  Gorgeous bows, halter tops, and one-shoulder swimsuits are super flattering and draw the eye away from tricky spots.  Not that you have any tricky spots, I’m just saying, if you’re sensitive about tricky spots, there are so many options for you and your gorgeous body.

And if all else fails, there’s always distraction. If you’ve got a nice rack, now’s the time to bring the girls out (in a classy way, naturally).  Classy cleavage (it’s a thing) is always a good distraction, especially in a one-piece swimsuit, so don’t be afraid of daring necklines like the pink, white, and black suit above.

Halter tops are awesome if you’re a little more flat chested; they draw the eye upwards and add a little lift while keeping everything where it should be.  Structured one-piece suits, like the red polka dot above, do wonders for every body type, but especially for curvy girls like me.  A place for everything, and everything in its place.  Plus, the “boning”, the structured, hard pieces of plastic inside the fabric in the corset of a structured swimsuit, creates smooth curves in the most flattering places.

Everyone I know wants to look good in a swimsuit, so everyone wins with a smoothed out, structured corset one-piece suit.
What kind of swimsuit do you like best?  I usually have 2-3 I rotate through in the summer for different events.  Swimming in a lake, or kayaking, requires a different suit than lying by the side of a pool, cold drink in hand.  I usually swim-swim in a very industrial sort of suit meant for swim teams, and lie in the sun in one-piece swimsuit structured to within an inch of its life.  What about you?  What are you wearing at the beach this season?

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