Must Have Travel Kit For Children

We do our fair share of traveling, and over the years we’ve developed some systems that work really well for our family.  One of these is a travel kit for children.  No matter where we are, whether it’s a on road trip to California or on a train across Europe, we pack a little Zip-Lock bag filled with the essentials.

traveling kit for children

Travel Kit for Children:

  • gum
  • chap-stick
  • wet wipes
  • band-aids
  • hand sanitizer
travel kit for children

We pack it all up in a Zip-Lock bag for the inevitable explosion, and pop it into a backpack.  When we were in Warsaw we never left the apartment without a backpack + this little handy travel kit.  You never know about bathrooms, pinching shoes, or bad breath.

And someone’s always complaining about chapped lips.  Without fail.

In Europe we replenished the kit every time we ran out of something so we weren’t caught unawares in some hilarious bathroom situations.  Plus, you always need hand sanitizer when you’re riding in cable-cars and underground trains.  Nasty.

As long as we carry this with us, along with a bottle of water and a snack or two, we’re set for miles and miles.



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  1. Heather :

    I’d totally add pepto and asprin!! I used at least 2.9 millions wet wipes while in Euroupe!

    • Allison :

      Ha! I took some of my own meds, and there were definitely some Tums in the mix. Aren’t those wet wipes priceless?

  2. Sunny :

    This is perfect and well timed! My family is going on an excursion “cross the pond” in a few weeks and I’ve been debating what to take for my 7 year old. I would have *totally* forgotten the wipes and chapstick!

    Also good, the asprin and pepto (though he has a stomach of steel *knock on wood*)

    • Allison :

      Yay! Do you get to go to your boyfriend’s country? I can’t remember. Netherlands? Anyway, buy a DSi for him if you don’t have one already, and I’m not even kidding. That thing saved our bacon, for both kids.