weekly fitness tip: set a fitness goal.

Set a fitness goal. Setting a weight goal for me is self-sabotage. It just doesn’t work. But if I set a goal to say, run a 5K, I’ll stick with it because I have a deadline. A tangible goal that I have to work towards every day. If I don’t train daily for the 5K that I’ve signed up and paid for, I’ll either look like a fool come race day, or I’ll forfeit my money because I wasn’t ready for the race. Neither option works for me. So every year I run at least one local 5K. It’s motivation enough to get my bum outside or on the treadmill.

What fitness goal works for you?

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  1. Deborah :

    This year our insurance is doing a health challenge and the reward is $200 per person at the end of the year. We have to exercise 5 days a week and participate in a health challenge that changes every two months. This time around it is replace sugar with fruit 80% of the time. My husband and I are doing it because, let’s face it, money is money. That’s $400 we didn’t have before. So my fitness goal is to do whatever I have to do get the $ at the end of the year.