Cool Mint Body Wash- Pamper Yourself This Summer.

For Valentine’s Day this year, among the many gifts that my husband gave me (it was our first Valentine’s Day so he went all out to make it count) was Tea Tree minty shampoo and conditioner. At the time, I was waking up at 5:30 every morning to commute an hour and a half to work. The minty shampoo and conditioner would wake me up a little more and give me the extra little kick that I needed in the morning.

But I wanted to complete my minty shower experience so I looked for a mint soap. After a few failed attempts, I finally saw Nicole Hill spotlight Bath & Body Works‘ Mentha Body Wash on her blog last week.They’re having a sale right now, so the bottles are $6 each. I bought several because as a pregnant woman, I feel entitled to spend a little money on increasing my own comfort. I highly recommend that you go out and buy some, too, if you want an extra pick-me-up in the morning. I come out of the shower feeling refreshed and just a little bit chilly, which is a nice feeling on these hot summer days.

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  1. Hannah :

    ooh…good to know. I will be getting some too.

  2. Someone Being Me :

    Hmmmm…I may need to look into that. Congrats on the upcoming baby!

  3. Petit Elefant :

    It totally makes you feel minty and cool. Love this stuff.

  4. Jenny :

    I think I need this!