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A couple of months ago I shared with you the finished product of our master bathroom remodel.  It was a tremendous, almost year-long project and I’m thrilled it’s finally over.  I’m even more thrilled about the fact that right now there’s nowhere in the house I’d rather be than my bathroom.  That sounds weird, but it’s true.  I never want to leave.  I just head into the bathroom and roll the big sliding yellow door closed and pretend the rest of my house doesn’t exist.  Like magic!


As I’ve spent the last couple of months meditating in the steam shower (I highly recommend this) I’ve been thinking about how happy I am with the choices we made in choosing all the building blocks of the bathroom, right down to the accessories.  I don’t always feel 100% happy with a remodeling project, but the color palette and general minimalism of the remodeled bathroom are so calm and quieting.  So transformative.  I thought it was about time I share all the specific pieces of the project and where they came from, starting with the crowning glory of my favorite place in the bathroom: the steam shower.


Steam Shower:

  1. white subway tile
  2. sea glass colored tile 
  3. handheld shower head 
  4. overhead rain shower head 
  5. pebble floor tile

Not pictured:


master bathroom remodel accessories

Jacuzzi Tub / Vanity / Sinks / Flooring

Not pictured:

The Jacuzzi tub makes me feel like I’m in a hotel every time I take a bath, which is often.  I set my iPad on a cookbook holder on the edge and soak for hours and hours while I watch BBC’s Sherlock.  I understand the privilege of this (the bathtub part), and am so grateful for it. Soaking in an Epson salt filled tub of hot water makes living in my constantly aching body a little less painful.  It looks pretty spectacular as well, just sitting in the corner all pristine-like.

We decided to go with really contemporary chrome faucets and I love them with all my heart. Who knew you could get so attached to faucets?  The flooring options changed a handful of times before we committed, and on the very day we went to Lowe’s to buy the tile I saw some stunning whitewashed wood tile and had to have it on the spot.  It looks like semi-weathered beachy wood planks, but it’s actually tile.  It hides dirt like you can’t believe and looks like an actual wood floor.  I highly recommend it.

bathroom decor

Decorating + Accessories:

Not pictured:

The decor for the bathroom has been, from the get-go, very intentionally simple and modern and clean.  I was hugely inspired by a Huntington Beach hotel we stayed in a few years ago called Shorebreak Hotel, all surf-y and contemporary with beach woods and light colors, and completely lovely.  The idea was for me to feel like I’m on a beach somewhere, a super sophisticated one with an amazing steam shower and jacuzzi tub.  Ha.

We went 100% IKEA with decor for both financial and aesthetic reasons and I’m thrilled with it.  IKEA also makes stuff for super tight spaces and even though the bathroom is huge we took a huge hit on the closet (still, you know I’m not complaining about any of it) so all IKEA accessories made sense there.  Plus, I think I was switched at birth with some girl from Scandinavia (my dad is very Danish, that helps a bit) because I love everything about those countries, especially the style / architecture aesthetic of their homes.

There you have it.  All the who’s, what’s, and why’s (and a little bit of where’s) you could ask for about our Master Bathroom Remodel.

It’s a mouthful, that.

You should also know that all the basic building blocks for the bathroom, 2″x4″ wood beams, pipes, etc. all came from Lowe’s Home Improvement .  I worked with them all the way from the inception of this remodel to the inauguratory steam shower, and they were delightful to work with.  Not only that, everyone who helped us in the store was amazing, without the knowledge we were working with Lowe’s in any way.  Super helpful, knowledgeable and on task.  So thank you Lowe’s, from the bottom of our ever-loving-bath-tubbing hearts.

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