Master bathroom remodel design ideas

A master bathroom remodel is way less fun than you think it would be, and I know you think it would be fun.  The most fun in all the land, ripping apart your personal space and tearing out your closet.  So much fun they should have entire TV shows dedicated to remodeling people’s master bath … oh wait.

bathroom remodel
I mentioned a few weeks ago that we’re in the middle of our master bathroom remodel part I aka ripping up moldy sub-flooring and sledge-hammering our carefully selected (not by me) semi-turquoise counter top and vinyl flooring.  It wasn’t as bad as … No, yes it was, it was awful.

Right now we’re ripped down to the studs and framing out the steam shower (oh have mercy it’s going to be beautiful) and I’ll show you pictures of that, but first I wanted to show you the look and feel of the future gorgeous Czarnecki master bathroom.  If it ever gets finished.

My inspiration for this master bath remodel is all oceanic, naturally.  I may have mentioned a time or ten I was misplaced in my birthplace.  I *should* have been born in California.  Or Hawaii.  Or maybe even, oh I don’t know, probably most definitely Costa Rica.  I’m a beach girl through and through.  The mountains are okay I guess, but I’d trade them in a New York minute for the ocean.  Most of my 7 siblings feel the same way, like we were ripped off because our grandparents decided to leave San Francisco for Salt Lake City, Utah.  Bad move grandpa, bad move.  Almost every summer of my life we ended up camping somewhere along the California coastline for two weeks and we’re all forever ruined changed as a result.  My point being, my new master bathroom is 100% coastal in inspiration.  The turquoise (the good kind) accent tiles I’ve chosen look like sea glass, the “wood” tile flooring we’ve ordered is like that of a beach house on the East coast or a hotel in Huntington Beach, the grey wall paint looks like morning fog in Monterey.

So there’s a look at my master bathroom design board.  The faucets have been ordered from Lowe’s, the jacuzzi tub is being plumbed, the IKEA vanity has been assembled.  I’ll post more photos along the way but I’m most definitely hopefully *almost* the proud mistress of a new master bath.

Fresh  beauty product / Aramis  / IKEA Godmorgon/ Odensvik / Papua Natural Wood Wooden Bath Mat, $45 / SomerTile 11.75x11.75-inch Victorian Subway Matte White Porcelain... / Mason Jar Vase / IKEA Hovskär / Small Decorative Wood Stool / Hay - Scrubbing Brush, $7.68 / Richard Neutra Neutra House Numbers in Black / DwellStudio Royal Grey Wall Paint Large Sample Card / I'm working with Lowe's and Jacuzzi on this remodel and no surprise, they've both been super fantastic.
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  1. Sarah :

    well, I for one, am very glad that you DO live by these boring ol’ mountains.
    I kid, you know I dont think the mountains are boring at all, rather one of my reasons for living.
    But if you lived in Costa Rica, I WOULD come visit, now that doesnt sound half bad.
    Cant wait to see the entire remodel, in person :)

  2. Jenny :

    Yay for getting there! Choosing just a gray wall paint nearly drove me to insanity, so I applaud your home remodeling efforts. I hope you have a closet and a tub you can fill with water soon.

  3. Holly :

    I’ve been waaaaiting to see the end result!
    I hope you feel like the queen of the ocean when you take your first soak in your bath!

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  5. Cindy @ Walk in Tubs :

    You can try not to hurt anyone’s feelings with the turquoise counter but sometimes, bad is just bad. Can’t wait to see pics. If you can do heated floors in the bathroom. Splurge. Changed my life.

  6. Everlast Walk in Tubs :

    There truly is nowhere like San Francisco. The culture, the water, the people are all amazing. I miss it every time it’s going to rain in the midwest.

  7. rabwah Biryani :

    Great ideas and nice things, I like this blog.

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