Making Life Easier One Blow Dryer At A Time

A few months after my first baby was born I thought I needed a change and proceeded to chop 15 inches off my hair length. FIFTEEN INCHES. That’s like mid-life crisis level action there, CODE RED! It took me close to three years to grow back out and I swore I’d never make a drastic chop like that again. So here I am, 6 years, two more babies, and a mess of hair later. There are many many days where I feel like chopping it off again for the simple purpose of making my life easier because this much hair takes a generous amount of time to style, and mama ain’t got a ton of that to spare. But then I remember the growing out process and that chop chop urge goes right out the window.

To compensate, I look for any way I can to simplify my hair routine. I rely heavily on dry shampoo to get me through the days I don’t wash my hair for the simple reason that it can take me close to a half an hour to dry my hair on the days I do wash it. 30 minutes with a blow dryer is at least 15 minutes too long in my opinion, so I was pretty pumped to give the Infinity Pro 3Q Brushless Motor dryer a whirl since it promised to cut that time significantly, and to do it gently too. Conair promised me a quick, quiet, and quality experience and if anyone could put this blow dryer through its paces to test those promises out, it was me.

So I did.

Looks pretty slick, eh? All of that increased airflow at a lower temperature meant that my hair got dryer faster, and with less damage than it would using other dryers, and considering similarly capable dryers can set you back 3x the cost of an Infinity Pro, I am all about that business!

I have, it’s thick (I know, what a curse) and increasingly coarse and I usually dread blowing it dry because ugh, too much work. However, the Inifinity Q3 made short work of it and I was ready for styling less than 15 minutes later. That has to be some kind of record in my book. Now I have enough time to make a snack, which is really all I want out of life anyway. More time for snacks, and other important stuff, like mothering children I guess.

At least now I can eat snacks and mother my children with my hair looking like this:

So yeah, I’m a fan of this blow dryer, and thanks to that fancy brushless motor (science talk for magnets and electricity), it should last me a long time too, which is a bonus because how bad does it suck when your blow dryer prematurely bites the dust? Talk about inconvenient. Give me a quality blow dryer or give me death!

Not really, but you get the idea…no more junky blow dyers for this girl!

Do you have deep feelings about your choice of blow dryer too? How long does it take you to dry your hair usually? I want to know!

Infiniti Pro by Conair 3Q is the world’s first hair dryer featuring a brushless motor available at mass retail. The dryer’s name is derived from three of its key benefits, all of which begin with the letter “Q:” quick, quiet, quality.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Conair. The opinions and text are all mine.

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