Making Biking A part Of Your Every Day

Biking is quickly becoming a part of my daily routine since my new bike came into my life, and is my new favorite way to get around.  Most of us grow up riding bikes as kids, but not many of us keep riding as adults, especially as a primary mode of transportation. But we should all be out biking, all the time.  It’s so much fun I almost feel like a kid again, and it’s such great exercise.  I love it.

bike helmets

I live in an especially gorgeous small town, nestled right up against the Wasatch mountains, so it’s no chore to get out and bike every day, even if I’m not headed anywhere specific.

beach cruiser bike

If I don’t get a chance during the day to head out on a ride by myself, (which is quickly becoming my favorite way to decompress in the middle of the workday) a post-dinner ride with my family is the next best thing.

sunset bike ride

Okay, let’s be honest, biking with my family is probably the first best thing.

biking to work

Everyone in town seems to hang out in their yards and streets at night, relaxing from the day by gardening, playing with kids, running, skating, or riding bikes.  It’s a really glorious time of day, isn’t it?

bike to work day

The evening twilight makes everything outside pop in the most glorious colors in Mother Nature’s palette, and biking around helps me slow down and breathe after a long, chaotic day.

I have bike-fever, big time.

Make Biking A part Of Your Every Day

When was the last time you rode a bike, whether biking to work or just for fun?  If it’s been awhile, I seriously encourage you to fix that.  Get on a bike!  Rent one, borrow one, buy one, and get out and breathe some fresh air into your lungs.

You won’t regret it.

electric bike

If you can make biking to work a part of your life?  Even better.  In the warmer months my husband bikes to and from work every day, about 30 miles round trip.  It’s the perfect mental transition into and out of a workday, allows a skip day at the gym, saves money on gas, and creates less wear and tear on the car.

If you ever bike to work you know what I’m talking about.  It’s the best.

goodnessknows granola bars

You know who else is a fan of biking to work?  goodnessknows, a healthy snack company big on encouraging people to take part in Bike To Work group rides across America by providing healthy snack bites to fuel the ride.

Do you have this at your office? If you don’t, get on that ASAP-like.

I’ll be super honest here:  goodnessknows sent some snack squares to help me write this post, and between me and my two kids, we’ve decimated a couple of boxes in just a couple of weeks.  My favorite flavor is the cranberry, almond, dark chocolate.  It’s the perfect little snack to satiate a chocolate sweet-tooth (AHEM) with other healthy ingredients, and is a great addition to your biking gear for a nice energy boost.

granola bar

goodnessknows is so passionate about getting people biking to work they’re helping me give away a bike kit to help you on your way.

biking to work

This little Gear Up and Go goodie bag (minus the helmet) is up for grabs if you leave a comment below telling me about the last time you rode a bike. Please share – I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in biking!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of goodnessknows. The opinions and text are all mine.

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