Makeover a mom handbag

mom purse makeover

Makeover a Mom Handbag

I’m a mom who needs a makeover for my handbag. My name is Stephanie.  I’m the mom who carries everything AND the kitchen sink in her handbag.  Don’t you? Do you remember Allison’s long running ‘what’s in your purse‘ series? I loved those posts because I’m always curious how other people, (mom-people specifically) organize their stuff. Seeing what was inside all those pretty purses was fascinating!

Once or twice I thought about submitting my own (mom) purse, but then thought better of that humiliation. Because on most days I’m lugging around a purse stuffed with notebooks and magazines, a diaper bag with paraphernalia for 3 kids, and a car seat with a 19-pound kid. No matter how hard I try there’s just a lot of stuff.


mom diaper bag

And this is my not-so-stylish diaper bag. OK, it’s not even a diaper bag – it’s what I call the purse side car. You know, the old, ugly, tired canvas bag that you fill with all the stuff that you don’t want in your purse.

what to put in diaper bag

In it you will find, diapers and wipes for the 10-month-old. Two complete spare outfits for the potty training 3-year-old. (Learned this one the hard way.) Snacks and crayons for the the 5-year-old. More snacks for me.

Thanks to Petunia Pickle Bottom I got a mom purse makeover. Just look at that organization!!! And trust me, there’s plenty of room to spare because this bag has zippers and pouches everywhere.

Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag how to organize diaper bag

And my new favorite thing? There’s a changing pad hidden in the bottom of the purse.


Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Purse

So I’ve ditched the purse and canvas bag combo for one chic bag. Good choice, don’t you think?

Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Diaper Bag

What kind of purse do you carry? Please tell me I’m not the only one who is lugging around the side car.

Did you see Allison’s post about her What’s in Your Purse Series, stressed mom edition?

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Stephanie Gerber

Stephanie Gerber is a mother of 3 who writes for pretty mommies on a budget. She shares stylish and crafty adventures on her blog Henry Happened.


  1. Necole @seriouslysassymama :

    Now that my children are 9,7, and 4, my purse has become mine once again. I always keep a stash of kleenex and wipes just in case there is an accident.

  2. Katie Lawver :

    I actually have the Key Lime Cream Cake version of your “sidecar”(I won it in their mother’s day pinterest contest! Thank you, Petunia Picklebottom!), and my whole life is in that bag…and i only have a one-year-old :)

  3. Katrina :

    I am in LOVE with this purse! #want

  4. 2wellsmade5 :

    I actually love, love the carpet bag that Mary Poppins carried and that’s what this bag reminds me of. :) I responded to her post, actually I think my poor Kipling bag far outstuffed her bag. I have 5 kiddos and feel like I’ ve had every style or option of diaper bag known to man. With 2 still in diapers, I keep a backpack in my truck and a BIG purse very unorganized despite my bag in a bag in a bag efforts! Congrats on your new bag….very jealous .

  5. Bianca @ Track Pants and a Tot :

    I use PPB bags as my purse because they’re pretty enough to be used for other things than a diaper bag once that stage is over. My PPB Touring Tote is my go to bag :)