Make your own DIY hex earrings

DIY hex nut earrings

// Make your own DIY hex nut earrings with a tutorial from new Petit Elefant editor Stephanie. //

Hi! It’s Stephanie from Henry Happened. Still looking for Christmas gift ideas? I’m so far behind on my shopping it’s not funny! Today I’m sharing how to make your own super simple pair of earrings that involves one of my favorite crafting activities – a trip to the hardware store! You can make this project in bulk and whip up several sets of earrings in under half an hour. So much easier than a trip to the mall, right?

I’ve long been a fan of the simple hex nut but on my last visit to Home Depot I discovered that they come in gold. A shiny, expensive looking gold! I wanted to make something delicate and dangly with them so I crafted up a simple pair of earrings and a fun matching necklace.

Ready for a trip to the hardware store?

Make your own DIY Hex Nut Earrings

DIY hex nut earrings

You will need:

  • Gold hex nuts – I recommend size 8 or 10
  • 2 earring hooks
  • Gold chain
  • Needle nose pliers

Step 1 – 2: Decide how long you want to make your earrings dangle – 2 to 3 inches is a good length. Cut the chain with your pliers.

Step 3 – 4: Once you have one piece of chain cut, measure out a second piece of chain to the same length and cut.

DIY hex nut earrings

Step 5: Slide your hex nuts onto the chain.

Step 6: Using your pliers, open the earring hook. Bend the circle open sideways instead of outward so that it closes easily. If you have a different type of earring hook you might need small jump rings to attach the chain.

Step 7: Slide the two ends of the chain onto the hook and close.

DIY hex nut earrings

Don’t let the extra hex nuts go to waste! If you have extra chain you can easily make a matching lariat-style necklace.

DIY hex nut necklace

Take a piece of chain that’s long enough to easily fit over your head and attach a hex nut at each end with a jump ring.

DIY hex nut necklace

With the two ends at slightly different lengths, attach another jump ring and hex nut to hold the two pieces of chain together. This necklace makes a great long pendant so play around to find the length that suits you.

DIY hex nut necklace

Now you have a beautiful and delicate handmade gift for all of your gal pals!  Go out and make your own DIY hex earrings and necklaces.

Happy making!

DIY hex nut earrings necklace

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  1. Solarride Rivernik :

    OMG this is gorgeous! Will do this for my own christmas gift.

  2. Sassy Kay :

    I love the hex nut earrings and the necklace is just adorable. I’m going to the hardware store today to search for gold hexnuts for jewelry for my two nieces. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Smykker :

    I know Christmas is over but its never too late to give Xmas presents to my dear one :) Thank you for this post Allison , i will take what i have learned.