Make strawberry salt foot scrub DIY

Strawberry salt scrubTime to make some foot scrub for your tootsies, I hear it’s almost Spring somewhere out there.  I wouldn’t know, it’s frigid here with no outlook of Summer anywhere on the horizon (or calendar, or weather report) ever again.  I’m not bitter, I just think The Groundhog is a big fatty liar who’s so far underground his little claws aren’t anywhere near the pulse of real life.  And I happen to think he’s a little jerk who likes to mess with those of us who have hopes and dreams for beautiful sunny weather.

I’m not bitter, not at all.  But let’s pretend for a minute the groundhog was right (he wasn’t, I’m holding him accountable for his BS) and there’s Spring in the northern hemisphere.  While we’re pretending, let’s get serious about exfoliation.  There’s nothing worse than dry, cracked, nasty feet in a pair of sandals.  I mean, there are worse things, obviously.  But in the world of exfoliation (it’s a thing) it’s kind of a big deal, much like yourself.  So we need to make some exfoliator and get our (collective) feet with the program.

This foot scrub is so easy to make.  3 ingredients, about the same number of minutes to whip up, no biggie.  Here’s how it goes down . . .

sea salt foot scrub

Make strawberry salt foot scrub DIY

  • 2 t coarse salt (sea salt is awesome)
  • 2 T olive oil (use extra virgin if you can)
  • 8 fresh strawberries

1. Pour the coarse salt in mixing bowl.  Add the olive oil + stir.

2. On a cutting board use a knife to remove the green tops from the strawberries and slice into a few pieces.

3. Once the strawberries are sliced add them to the salt and olive oil mixture and mix and mash the whole thing together until you have a chunky scrub.

4. Spread the mixture onto your feet (or hands or body, whatever you need to exfoliate, this is your bidniss) and scrub it all over the place.  Use some of the strawberry scrub on your calves up to your knees and rub it in and exfoliate until you feel nice and saucy.  This is all about making yourself sexy for the warm weather.

5.  Rinse your feet/legs/arms with lukewarm water, pat dry with a towel, and coat your feet with lotion.

Can I get a what, what?  You’re done.  Now you know how to make your own DIY strawberry salt foot scrub.  You can make some and put it in a jar, just like my homemade sugar scrub (but remember it won’t last more than a week, MAX).  Take it to the shower, host a girl’s night, have a fiesta in the bath.  It’s all good, you’re the boss of this spa day.

If you’re going to have a spa day of your own (you should, I highly recommend it) here are a few other DIY beauty recipes to get started:

recipe via Homemade Reader’s Digest

Go, make!

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  1. rachelle :

    I cannot wait to try this at home! thanks for the ideas!

    • Allison :

      You’re welcome! Have fun!

  2. rabwah burqa :

    Hummmmmmmmm, yummy strawberries are my favorite fruit. I like this post.