Make some cool Fathers Day cards

Father’s Day, an entire day devoted to loving, remembering, hanging with, and showering the fathers in our lives with happiness and sparkling unicorns and ponies.

love your dad father's day
For the dads who like those kinds of things, anyway.
fathers day

Father’s Day at our house is a pretty chill affair, much like Mother’s Day; we sometimes have a BBQ and maybe some fancy Jell-O with whipped cream, but not much.  Because really, at our house, every day is Father’s Day.

fathers day bike ride

My husband works random hours which means he’s home for a huge portion of our life together.  Dad (or daddy, depending on the kid) is home as much as I am, sometimes more.  He’s the one who takes the kids to the pediatrician, the dentist, and almost every field trip.  Our dad makes dinner most nights, is in charge of the laundry, and does the dishes more than me.  But in turn, he enjoys most of the privileges historically reserved for women and mothers: at home time with the kids, helping with homework, going on hikes and climbing trips and camping and kayaking, both kids in tow.

The fun stuff, the memory makers of family life.

make a father's day card
My kids won’t understand until they’re older, probably with families of their own, what a luxury it is to have such a close relationship with their father, to head into their grown lives with daily memories of their daddy taking them to museums, camping, climbing in Moab, swimming at the pool.

make fathers day cards



make cool father's day cards
The least we can do then for the dads, daddies, papas, fathers, and pop-pops out there, is make a special day just for them to celebrate the best way they know how.  Maybe that’s with a BBQ, a football game, a trip to a favorite museum, a great dinner at a restaurant, a day out on a lake with the boat.  And how do you help him celebrate?
If you’re far away, send a gift and a card.  If he’s too old to make use of a new razor, make sure the card is pretty great so he’ll remember who you are next time you’re together. 
(joke, ha ha)

Do you remember the customized card I made for Mother’s Day?  My mom loved it.  Called me up on the ringy-dingy to laugh in my ear and tell me just how funny she thought it was, even if I used the word crazy one too many times.  I’d encourage you to make a Cardstore card for the dad(s) in your life.  You can use your own photos (bonus) and wording (super bonus) and Cardstore will stamp and mail the card for you.  BOOM goes the dynamite.  That alone is worth buying a few cards.

And now you, lucky ducky you get to participate in a Father’s Day gift card giveaway!
Here are the details:
  • Up for grabs: 1 $100 gift card giveaway
  • What to do: Participate in the Cardstore Pin it for Papa Pinterest contest
  • THEN: come back here and leave a comment telling me you’ve participated on Pinterest (you have to actually participate or you’ll be disqualified), and you’re entered to win some cash!
  • Use: The hashtag #PinItForPapa
Cool, yes?  Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Joy C. :

    I participated and I think you’re AWESOME! #pinitforpapa

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    Cant wait to try the gelatin and milk pore strips.