How To Make Your Own DIY Hat Cleaner

Hat cleaner: make your own DIY hat cleaner with this cool hack!

Make Your Own DIY Hat CleanerIf you’ve ever tried to wash a baseball cap at home you know how hard it is to get a flat brim hat clean without ruining the shape of the brim.  You can buy a special baseball hat washing frame, or you can use this easy, free DIY hack to wash your hats.

DIY hat washerI accidentally discovered this trick one day when I was loading my salad spinner into the dishwasher and realized the basket for the salad spinner was about the same size as a baseball hat.

I know, it’s crazy, but it’s true.

So I grabbed one of my son’s baseball caps and tried it on the salad spinner basket for size, and boom! Magic.  It turns out that a salad spinner doubles as a perfect DIY hat cleaner.

Here’s how it all goes down.

make your own hat cleanerHow To Make Your Own DIY Hat Cleaner

Step 1: Disassemble

Disassemble a salad spinner and separate out the salad basket.

DIY hat cleanerStep 2: Stretch

Flip the salad basket upside down and stretch a baseball cap over it.  Pull the hat taut until the crown is shaped perfectly over the basket.  If the hat is a snapback, (if it has a series of snaps in the back to adjust the size of the hat) pull it as tight as possible and snap together.

Step 3: Wash

Put the salad spinner basket in the top rack of the dishwasher and wash the hat along with the rest of your dishes on a full dish-washing cycle.

Step 4: Dry

Once the dish-washing cycle is done, pull the basket with the hat out of the dishwasher.  Re-stretch the hat over the basket and leave out on the counter or on a drying rack to dry for another few hours, or until completely dry. Then, boom, a clean, non-stretched-out baseball cap using simple DIY hat cleaner.

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