Make a DIY Christmas tree card how-to

(How-to make DIY note cards is yet another great post from Stuff Steph Does, just in time to head home for the holidays and hand out your very own Christmas cards.  See below for the how-to. -Allison)

make a DIY Christmas tree card how-to

//    Hello again! Steph from Stuff Steph Does here, and this week I’m doing a how-to of some simple DIY holiday cards you can make and share with your loved ones. Make a set of these to give as a gift or send notes of holiday cheer yourself. Either way, learning the how-to of these handmade note cards is sure to help make someone’s season a bit brighter.    //

Make a DIY christmas tree card how to

Supplies for how-to make DIY note cards:

  • blank note cards – you can buy a set of these at a craft store, or just fold over card stock and make your own!
  • graph paper for sketching out your pattern
  • scissors
  • felt
  • glue stick
  • thread

Here’s how-to start: sketch out the tree on the graph paper. Once you’re happy with it, make that your pattern and cut the shape out of the felt.

Make DIY Christmas card how-to

Glue the tree down on the card with the glue stick so it doesn’t slide around while sewing it down, then “decorate” (make) the tree by sewing it onto the card with your sewing machine.

make a DIY Christmas tree card how-to

Try sewing different patterns and use different colors to make your cards unique! Make a note on the front for a personal touch. And Voila! how-to, DIY Handmade Holiday note cards to give away (or keep!).

Happy Holidays! and Happy Crafting!


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// A designer, maker, crafter, and blogger, Stephanie Hayward spends her days designing  buildings in Columbus, Ohio and nights blogging about design, DIY, and (attempts at making) good food at Stuff Steph Does. She lives with her partner in crime, Brandon, and their spunky little dog, Lucy. //

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