The Magic of Band T Shirts

band t shirts uhuh honeyI’ve never regretted buying band T-shirts. I have this whole collection of shirts, picked up at concerts or hunted down on E-Bay, that are all dedicated to the music I love. And I actually wear them. I don’t just wear them for me, though. I wear them for the people around me. Because first and foremost, band t shirts are conversation-starters.

band t shirts Music is one of my all-time favorite things to talk about, and when I can talk about it with a stranger on a rainy day, that is a sort of magic to me. When a melody hits you just right, it is such a joy to share it with someone. It’s a phenomenon that crosses generations. Then there are the words.

There are some perfect lyrics in the universe, (the ones you write on your hand when you’re bored) they stick to you. Well sometimes those lyrics end up on a shirt, and you can carry them around all day. When someone feels those words the same way you do, and then sees your  band t shirt – presto – instant friend, and perhaps possible soul mate.

band t shirtsSo, search a bit on your favorite online outlet. You know that unspoken solidarity in the crowd at a concert? Bring that bond to grocery stores, and classrooms, and parties. Stock your wardrobe with the coolest kind of smoke signals: easy, simple band T shirts. Style tip: pair with your favorite jeans and converse or booties, toss on a fitted blazer and oversized earrings for a bit of polish and pizazz, or even tuck into a midi-skirt for some fashion forward edginess.

band t shirt
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  1. Necole@seriouslysassymama :

    I am sporting my Ramones t-shirt right now. It is old, worn out and has holes on the side. It has been the start up of many an awesome conversation about music.