Looking for some hot nerd glasses? I can help!

This hot nerd glasses post is sponsored by eBay. Follow my eBay collections to see regularly updated style in every category you can dream up, including an entire shrine collection dedicated to Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes.  He’s so hot right now.

Your mom’s so hot right now.

hip glasses


I’m curating collections by the minute over on eBay, and I have a couple I’m a little obsessed with.  That’s not weird is it, to love your own collections?  Anyway.  Weird or not, two of my favorite collections right now are Statement Necklaces + Only Nerds Wear Glasses, alternately titled: ‘Glasses Are For Awesome People Who’ve Got It Goin’ On’.

Nerds rule the world.


nerd glasses

Are these tortoise shell safety glasses or magical seeing eye glasses?


looking for some nerd glasses


Do these cat eyed glasses make you a) hot, b) smart, or c) both?  The answer is d) all of the above.

Your mom wears cat eyed glasses.

Mine did, in 1958 anyway, and she looked amazing.


statement necklaces


Fancy a gorgeous necklace?  I love a good statement necklace, it can easily make simple outfits more amazing and is often the difference between blah blah boring and Va-Va-VOOM.  This black dipped, spiky, skull confection might just be my new favorite.  There are so many things going on I don’t even know where to start (I think I just did) but it’s still gorgeous in its simplicity.  Wear it on top of a simple tee or with some button down denim and jaws will drop upon your movie star entrance into whatever room you choose to enter.

Just look at these 3 different outfit ideas, all of which have a big, bold statement necklace sealing the deal.  Without statement necklaces entire civilizations would be lost.  Women and children would starve, philosophy as we know it would cease to exist.

Probably, maybe, I think.


statement necklace
This Aztec necklace has its own spiky thing going on but with a little more color to warm my cold, cold heart.  It says: ‘I’m punk rock but too cool to care’ which is always the exact impression you want to leave on the world.  Because you’re too hot not to and it can’t be helped.


//  The nerd glasses and statement necklaces belong to collections I’ve built as part of a project I’m working on with eBay.  Read here for my first post about this project, Time to Buy A Purse and Have An Arm Party on Your Arm. Use this hashtag to follow collections on eBay: #FollowItFindIt   //

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