Life List

Life List.

beach front hotel in california

100 things to do before I die

  1. Live in Europe
  2. Learn to properly fishtail french braid my daughter’s hair
  3. Ride my horse bareback
  4. Swim in bio-luminescence
  5. Learn to surf. On a long board October 2010 Huntington Beach, California
  6. Visit Hawaii. Stay in a hotel close enough to the ocean to hear the waves crash.
  7. Make crescent dinner rolls that rival those of my mother
  8. Have a dress custom made for me by a designer I love
  9. Ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
  10. Publish articles for well known magazines
  11. Write a book. A good one.
  12. See aurora borealis from Alaska
  13. Attend a World Cup soccer game
  14. Go to fashion week. As a journalist/writer.
  15. Spend time in Greece
  16. Collect sea glass from 50 beaches
  17. Attend the Tomatina food fight in Spain
  18. Visit my husband’s childhood home in Warsaw, Poland  May 2011
  19. Finish a sprint triathlon
  20. Own a sports car
  21. Take my kids to Poland while their Babcia + Dziadek are still alive    May 2011
  22. Stay on a Caribbean island with my family
  23. Swim in the Mediterranean sea
  24. Commission a painting of my children from an artist I love
  25. Own an original painting by Brian Kershisnik
  26. Get a tattoo {sorry mom!}
  27. Name an O.P.I. nail polish color
  28. Have sex with my husband on a beach
  29. Be in better shape at 40 than I am at 32
  30. See both of my children married
  31. Take a sleeper train across Europe
  32. Become fluent in Spanish. Again.
  33. Trace my husbands’ Eastern European genealogy
  34. Visit my grandmother’s childhood town in Iowa
  35. Ride a street car in San Francisco
  36. Attend an honest-to-goodness movie premiere Cannes Film Festival May 2013
  37. Roam around Paris for a few days June 2013
  38. Earn enough money to sustain my family on my own
  39. Read every book in my home library
  40. Go behind-the-scenes at the Monterey Bay Aquarium July 2009
  41. Have one massage a month for an entire year
  42. Visit every one of the bridges my grandfather designed (working on it)
  43. Stay in Martha’s Vineyard
  44. Surf in Costa Rica
  45. Visit Cape Cod
  46. Own a pair of obscenely expensive shoes
  47. Drive a race car around a track, un-throttled
  48. Attend a Christmas Mass in Poland
  49. Get one massage a month for an entire year
  50. Travel to Australia
  51. Meet David Sedaris
  52. Take a first class sleeper train across Europe.  One of the fancy ones with a shower.
  53. Go on a cruise
  54. Sleep in a hut
  55. Fly Virgin Atlantic and sleep in a horizontal bed while flying
  56. Become a talented photographer
  57. Spend an entire day at a spa, get every treatment available October 2010
  58. Eat lunch at a European cafe May 2011
  59. Be an instrument in raising awareness of, and finding a cure for Lupus
  60. Renovate my kitchen
  61. Travel to every state in America
  62. See the ruins in Guatemala
  63. Visit Spain, practice my Spanish while I’m there June 2013
  64. Learn to hang glide Outer Banks, North Carolina, October 2013
  65. Visit the rain-forest in Belize
  66. See an elephant in the wilds of Africa
  67. Graduate from college April 2004
  68. Wear a ball gown (to an event of importance) Cannes Film Festival May 2013
  69. Drive down PCH with my husband and kids
  70. Sleep in a castle
  71. Knit a sweater
  72. Own a stock portfolio
  73. Buy a house August 2000
  74. Learn to hip hop dance. Properly. Not going to happen. Went to two Zumba classes + realized it’s not happening
  75. Spend a day in a fashion house
  76. Own a horse December 2009
  77. Meet the Dixie Chicks
  78. Sleep on a warm beach
  79. Get 50 stamps on my passport (working on it)
  80. Hear Cat Stevens perform live
  81. Try Eastern medicine: acupuncture, etc.
  82. Take an art class
  83. Sleep naked
  84. Marry my soul mate May 1998
  85. Overcome my fear of open water {see #5}
  86. Visit the Louvre
  87. Understand math
  88. Become a mother November 1999
  89. Go running in Central Park
  90. Follow a sewing pattern all the way through, make something I’d actually deem wearable
  91. Go scuba diving in warm ocean water
  92. Visit New England in the fall
  93. Learn to play the piano
  94. Dance at a European discotheque
  95. Take professional makeup lessons at a M.A.C. store
  96. Run through the alps
  97. Canoe down the Amazon river
  98. Have a conversation with Meg Cabot
  99. Teach my children how to serve
  100. Visit Stonehenge
  101. See a flying fish {Catalina Island Summer 2009}
  102. Feed a whole chicken to an alligator
  103. Take a boat tour of Venice, Italy
  104. Have an enormous, blow-out 40th birthday party
  105. Scuba dive to the ruins of a sunken ship
  106. Dye my hair Blond  The year 2009
  107. Go whale watching in a kayak
  108. R.V. across the United States with my kids
  109. Hike through a jungle

Do you have a Life List? I’m not kidding, this one took me five days to come up with. I didn’t take it lightly, I really pondered things I want to get accomplished in this life of mine. There’s really something to writing something down, committing it to memory and promising yourself you’ll get it done. 100 things really affords you the indulgence of dreaming big.

Do it, do it now.


  1. Suzy :

    Hi Allison,
    Your list is inspiring and precious. I share many of your desires in common. Thanks for the fun reading on your blog. You really seem like someone I would enjoy a cup of coffee with!
    Suzy C.

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  2. Amanda Hostetter :

    I noticed that you said you had a grandmother who was born in Iowa? It just so happens that I am from Fairfield, Iowa! Small world..

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  3. Amanda :

    I love all of these ideas! What a beautiful and inspiring list. I’m adding these to my own bucketlist.

    DecorStyleFood on Twitter and Pinterest

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  4. Monica :

    I like !!

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  5. Susan Good :

    I would like to subscribe to your newsletter/blog.
    Thank you.

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  6. manoj :

    your list is inspiring. I will also list out my wishes and try to complete them.

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