Laundry Room Make-Over Photos After

bathroom makeoverThe laundry room project we’ve been working on for the last month is finished, and it actually turned out really well, with not too many materials.  I’m really pleased with how it all looks now that it’s put back together.

laundry-roomWe’re still working on the tile in the next room as we’re trying to figure out what to do with the pseudo bathroom + toilet.  Should it stay or should it go?

subway-tileThe actual laundry room part is gorgeous though.  I love the look of the subway tile with the wood grain tiles, just like we did in our master bathroom.  It’s such a crisp, clean look. The paint color we chose is, yet again, aqua in an effort to transport us from the middle of Utah to somewhere in The Caribbean.

It sort of works.

I love the color we chose.  It’s cool and calm and a pretty contrast to the warmth of the wood tiles, and it works with the royal blue washer and dryer.

We didn’t need a lot of supplies for this project.  Our main objective was to update and clean up the look of the laundry room, and to help tie it together with the decor in the rest of the house.

paint-suppliesSupplies for Laundry Room Paint Project

remodelThis is the laundry room before we tore it all apart.  Like all of our home remodeling projects, we live in amongst the rubble while we’re working, so the whole house pretty much takes a hit until we’re finished.

tools(Random tools of the trade floating around the laundry room in the process of renovation.)

blue-paintBEHR® provided the paint for the walls, and we used some leftover BEHR® ceiling paint from the master bedroom we just painted (photos to come!).

Here are the step by step photos of how we painted the laundry room.  And as always, by
“we” I mean my husband.

paint projectStep 1 – Prepare the Room

Take everything out of the room you’re planning to paint.  If you’re only painting, use drop cloths or plastic liners taped to the floor so you don’t get paint splatters on the flooring.  Now is also the time to take outlet covers off and pull decorations off the walls.

Step 2 – Wash the Walls

Before applying any sort of paint, the walls (and ceiling if you’re painting that as well) need to be washed thoroughly.  We use a solution of TSP to get the walls really clean without any remaining residue.  It works really well.

Step 3 – Repair the Walls

Unless you’re moving into a brand new house, it’s likely your walls have some damage.  Now’s the time to fill in the holes and re-texture the walls.  While you’re doing all that, unscrew outlet covers and remove anything else you don’t want in the way.

Laundry Room Make-OverStep 4 – Clean Up

Part of repairing walls includes sanding and sanding = dust.  Once all the walls are repaired and the spackle is completely dry, use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up all the dust. You don’t want that anywhere near your paint during the project.  If there’s lingering dust after vacuuming, wash the floors and walls and anything else you can find.  It makes it so much easier in the final clean-up.

scotch-tapeStep 5 – Tape the Room

Before you break out the paint, tape along edges of windows, floors, ceilings and outlets and anywhere else you don’t want paint. ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape makes several different kinds of painter’s tape that each do a remarkable job of keeping super sharp paint lines while you paint.

paint-touch-upsscotch-blue-tapeStep 6 – Paint!

Once everything has been cleaned, repaired, sanded, cleaned and taped it’s time to paint!  This really is the most fun.  There’s so much prep that goes into painting a room that once it comes time to paint it’s so much fun to get the color on the walls and see the room transformed.

paintMy husband does this cool trick when he paints, one he picked up from the general contractor who helped us with our master bathroom remodel.

He paints the walls all the way up to the ceiling, letting the paint spill over onto the ceiling as he does.

laundry room remodeltaping-offThen, after the wall paint has dried he tapes on top of the wall paint, making a clean line between the wall and ceiling.

paint-tapescotch-blueIt seems like a weird painting trick but it totally works.  Look at those perfect lines!

Laundry Room Make-Over PhotosNow reassemble your room and you’re ready to rock and roll in your pretty new room.  You go, you.

bathroom makeover// I am proud to be a 3M, Behr®, and Wooster® – sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate products. Opinions are my own and additional products used in the project were selected by me. //

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  1. donna :

    Love it! It’s gorgeous!

  2. Dani :

    I love this, looks great! Did you miss a step in the paint trick? He paints up the wall with some spilling on the ceiling and then you tape at the top. Then is it that he paints the ceiling? Or just the edges? Sorry, I’ve read this a few times and I’m still confused! And I want to know because my husband won’t let me paint anymore since I mess up our ceilings all the time! Ha.

  3. clarice :

    It looks stunning! And very practical…