Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Alright, so maybe you’ve got your costumes all worked out. But what about those pumpkin contests and class parties happening this week? Do not despair. Here are 3 easy last minute solutions for Halloween festivities. Solutions you can probably create with whatever is lying around the house right this minute. For reals. This is called winning at Halloween.

last minute halloween titleLet’s start with throwing together some halloween decorations for those class parties. I vote for anything printable, anything reusable, and anything idiot proof. Go for some large format prints of spooky poems or song lyrics like these here and here. Just download and print in standard sizes at home, or have a print shop print them in large poster sizes. Whip up a quick Halloween bunting with either a download like this or this, or use some colored and printed paper from your personal craft bin and cut, punch holes, and string along a ribbon. Done.

last minute pumpkins

What’s that you say? Your child has to bring a decorated pumpkin to class? Today? You’ve got this, just raid your costume bin. Masks, wigs, noses and mustaches, even hats give that pumpkin an instant character and personality. In a matter of seconds! Stick to one accessory, or add several to really tell a story with the little old pumpkin. So easy, and actually kinda cute.


Now what about that class Halloween party you volunteered to head up. I’ve been there, room moms. So, just trust me when I say that a quick printable game will very likely save the day. Simple games like Bingo are perfect for younger grades, while brainier activities like Scattergories and word searches work well for older grades. Did I mention all you have to do is print them? A quick search online will yield dozens of fun options. Or check out our Pinterest boards for more ideas. The bingo pictured here is one I downloaded and printed years ago, on heavy cardstock, and it’s still making the rounds in my kids’ classrooms. I keep them in sheet protectors, even, and my kids love to play it at home all month long!A quick search online will yield plenty of options for you.

last minute halloween games

See? This is called winning at Halloween, the easy easy easy way. Happy haunting, friends!

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