Kids Style Video Part 2



My kids definitely pick out what they are going to wear, buuuuut they are 12 and 13, so if not there would probably be some sort of a problem. I do maintain veto, although I don’t think I have ever used it :)

If you’re Sarah, email me at: allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom to claim your booty.

This content series and giveaway is brought to you by Old Navy. Check out the Kids & Baby Sale in store with great deals starting at $5. All opinions, children, and clothing belong to me and mine.

This video, the second in the series, features my Kindergartner picking out 3 outfits for his life: two for school, one for church.  He doesn’t like to talk a whole lot when he knows someone’s watching, but he’s still pretty cute to look at.  I let him pick out actual outfits he wears in real life, with no coaching from me.  This is how it goes down at our house:  the kids pick out and wear their own clothes.

Do yours?

This post includes a $150 Old Navy Gift Card Giveaway.  Now that’s fancy!

Giveaway Details:

  1. To enter the $150 Old Navy giveaway leave a comment on this post.
  2. Giveaway ends Thursday February 17th.  The giveaway winner will be announced on this post on Friday February 18th.

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  1. Kari :

    Darn.. first commenter. Does that mean I wont win? But for schizzle I want to! Love Old Navy. My kids can pick out what they want to wear when we arent going anywhere important.. but thats cause they are 6 and 4. :) Sometimes their outfits make me giggle, but I like them knowing they picked it out and its ok.

  2. Julie :

    I wish I had a horse named Reuben. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Ash :

    I’m in! I love Old Navy and I’d love to win a little spree…

  4. dgm :

    Cowboy boots: YES! Both my kids loved them even though we live in a small beach town and, well, no other kids really wear them. My kids (8 and 12.5) have been picking their own outfits since they were about 4. I think it’s important to let them do that so long as what they pick is appropriate for the occasion. I don’t really care if it matches; they need to find their own way.

  5. Adrien :

    I always insisted on picking out my outfits when I was a kid, which is why I’m wearing something completely insane in every class picture.

    PS. I also wish I had a horse named Reuben.

  6. Natalie :

    Shoes! Our 4 year old and 2 year old daughters already have a ‘healthy likeness’ for shoes! And their favorite dresses that they choose to wear with them. Old Navy can definitely help with their personal style! Thanks!

  7. Raquel :

    Love the boots!

  8. Alicia :

    I know this is irrelevant to the video….but I love your bookcases!

    Also, I love cowboy boots. I live in a place where cowboy boots are not normal but I buy them for my niece and my cousin had a pair too. I love them with a cute sundress :)

  9. Curry Winters :

    Mine isn’t old enough to pick out his own yet but I fully plan on him doing so! I love seeing the creativity in kids who have dressed themselves!

  10. Carolyn :

    I love the boots, too!

  11. r8chel :

    I always put together outfits for my four-year-old, but it would be interesting to see what he would choose if I gave him free reign. :)

  12. Jenna T :

    again, your son is adorable! cute boots!

  13. Suzanne :

    Loven then boots!! I would also love to win!!

  14. Annemarie :

    cute! cowboy boots for the win. ;)

  15. Emily :

    What a fun Old Navy shopping spree that would be!

  16. Alicia W. :

    My kids usually pick out their own outfits. It’s fun to see what they come up with sometimes. But special occasions are for me to choose the clothes…and the hair…and the shoes…

  17. Mami2jcn :

    Old Navy has the cutest bathing suits.

  18. BriAnna :

    Holy cow that would be awesome!!

  19. Jackie :

    Adorable! And it’s so much cuter when you can say they picked it out themselves.

  20. AutumH :

    I try my hardest to let my boys pick out their clothes but there are days when I insist on dressing them myself. Usually when we are heading into town to spend the day or an important event. As long as their clothes aren’t too small or covered in holes I usually give them the go ahead for school and day to day stuff though.

  21. Shelly :

    I love Old Navy for myself, and I’ve greatly enjoyed putting my two-year-old in their clothes too!

  22. susan lynch :

    I would love to win the Old Navy gift card. What a great idea!

  23. katy :

    little ones in boots is my favorite!

  24. Stacey M. :

    I sometimes let my 3 YO pick out her clothes. I’ll put a couple options out and then let her pick. She loves it! Sometimes I don’t want to deal with it so I just get her dressed. I’m sure it will only get more interesting the older she gets.

  25. rachel :

    I’d love to win an old navy gift card. Their kids clothes are the best!

  26. Kim :

    I love kids clothes @ Old Navy because you don’t need to be too fussy with them. If a shirt gets stained–no biggie–it was only $5!

  27. katrina :

    Wishing i could wear cowboy boots and not feel out of place…also Wishing For My girls sake i could win this ON cash :D

  28. evonne :

    My daughter has to wear a belt with her uniform to school, and she HATES it!! So guess what we do instead, a DRESS every day to school.

  29. Allison H. :

    I love Old Navy! They have cute and affordable kids’ clothing!

  30. Kristen :

    Keeping clothes clean and in good repair for all 7 of us is a big enough task by itself, so I def let the kids choose their outfits. Even the 2 year old enjoys being in charge of his clothes.

  31. Kacey :

    I wish I had a cat catcher shirt! :)

  32. Audrey :

    Love new clothes! Hope I win this one!

  33. Jessica :

    I love Old Navy! I have two little boys, both of whom I still dress because they are little. Thanks for this give away!

  34. Natasha Meine :

    My daughter loves wearing her little pink cowgirl boots. I think they are so cute on kids!! Btw your son is adorable!

  35. Paula J. :

    pick me! we need spring clothes, as our girl is outgrowing all her pants and skirts

  36. Jill S. :

    Well, my 18-month-old is still dressed by moi, but my 5-year-old has a style all her own!

  37. breeann :

    I love Old Navy!

  38. Cassie Jowers :

    Would love to win this. My sons are old enough (8 and 14) that they can pick out their own clothes now. I wouldn’t dream of trying to tell my 14 year old son what to wear! The horror!

  39. Rachel O. :

    I love Old Navy!!!

  40. Cathy :

    Oh, how I love Old Navy.

  41. Julie in Houston :

    What a brave Mommy letting your kids pick out their own stuff-awesome!! They obvi get their style from you. :)

  42. Kayleen T. :

    Great giveaway! And a handsome little guy you have! :)

  43. Michelle :

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I think I need to start letting my 2nd grade boy pick out his own clothes – he doesn’t have that much interest honestly:)

  44. mary ann :

    hooray for old navy!

  45. shelly ok :

    I also let my 3 year old choose her own close, but do edit to make sure it is weather appropriate. I still get to choose what my 15 month old wears, except if I don’t let him wear his Elmo slippers he complains.

  46. Alecia :

    Yes, my 6 year old always picks out his own clothes. Old Navy rocks for little boys clothes too. He loved their superhero shirts last year..>I think he owns one for each day, and night. :)

  47. Jen McDonald :

    My kids are surprisingly picky…especially the boys. Even my 3 year old likes to pick his own clothes.

  48. Sharon :

    Cowboy boots to Kindergarten. Love it!
    Thanks for the contest.

  49. Ashleigh :

    Ah, good ol’ Old Navy. I love them and would also love to get some free stuff from them.

  50. DeeDee :

    my little one (5) is adamant about picking out his own clothes All. The. Time. Let’s just say he is adventurois with the pattern mixing!

  51. Megan T. :

    Love the cowboy boots and Cat Catching Shirt!

  52. Stacia :

    Cat catching shirt – ha ha!

  53. Liz Lemon :

    highwater pants, shirt that’s riding up…. OLD NAVY here we come!

  54. Jill K :

    He’s a cutie!

  55. Catie :

    awesome! I love old navy! :)

  56. Carina :

    My kids do not pick out their own clothes. They probably could, if their clothes weren’t always in the clean laundry pile and were instead in their drawers.

  57. katie b :

    Love Old Navy! 90% of our clothes around here are Old Navy!
    I hope I win cuz that would be awesome!

  58. Alberta :

    So adorable! Thanks for this givaway!

  59. ~j. :

    Oooh! Comment, post, WIN!

  60. Leisha :

    Another fabulous giveaway? Yes please! I love that you let your kids pick their outfits. We definitely struggle a bit with that and end up with some interesting outfits.

  61. Andrea P. :

    Andrea p

    • Andrea P. :

      I was having a commenting problem. I’ve been letting my now 3 yr. old pick out her clothes with minimal guidance. She picks a shirt and then I let her choose between a few pairs of pants. Sometimes she is told to put on her church shoes or tennis shoes, other times I put in the option for her to wear her cowgirl boots if she wants. Honestly, her dad comes up with funkier outfits on his own then what she would put on without any guidance.
      I loved that your boy was having nose problems in the video. It adds to the realism.

  62. Beth :

    I love to let my almost 3 year old pick out her own clothes, but just wish she would be somewhat open to suggestions! I buy something adorable and have to almost bribe her to wear it! I need to learn to leave the tags on! If I win, maybe I will take her shopping and let her spend it all!!


  63. Erin E. :

    I heart old navy baby clothes! Great giveaway.

  64. tracy :

    How adorable is he? My 8 y.o. now shops and picks out her own clothes – but with my approval of being appropriate. My 5 y.o. wants me to do it all still..and of course I have complete control over my 1 y.o’s cuteness..haha

  65. girlsmama :

    Old navy is a great place to shop, or let my daughters shop. There is almost always a stylish yet modest choice.

  66. Tracy Robertson :

    I am fortunate that there is a nice Old Navy store only minutes from my place. I love shopping there, and the sales are unbeatable!

  67. Katelyn :

    Another chance to win? Oh boy. My little one loves her clothes, shoes and hair stuff…and she is only 16 months! I should put together a savings account just for her teenage years.

  68. Sarah :

    My kids definitely pick out what they are going to wear, buuuuut they are 12 and 13, so if not there would probably be some sort of a problem. I do maintain veto, although I don’t think I have ever used it :)

  69. Randi A. :

    Oh my, this would be great!

  70. Lydia :

    My 2 year old picks out his own clothes. His ensemble always includes his green beanie and green rainboots. The kid has a style all his own.

  71. Joan :

    I love old navy. My 3 year old starting have strong opinions about what to wear since the fall. It’s a little distracting to see him so obsessed with wearing his favorite shirt and pants all the time. I think it’s time to try to inject some new clothes in his wardrobe and this would be a great chance to do it!

  72. Jean :

    I love Old Navy! My kids had their favorite clothes from the time they were toddlers!

  73. Dia :

    I wear cowboy boots a lot too. And I love the Faux fur lined Hoodies at Old Navy.

    diacronan at hotmail dot com

  74. Julie :

    Nice video!

  75. Secret Agent Mama/Mishelle Lane :

    If I win this, I’m totally taking my daughter on a shopping spree! But, I’m getting something for me, too. HA!

    Great video, A!

  76. MEgan :

    oh you both are darling! :)

    would love an Old Navy Shopping Spree! :)

  77. amanda d. :


  78. Zina :

    I usually let my kids pick, but I definitely offer suggestions, and once in a while for a special occasion I’ll just say no way.

    I could make great use of that gift card!

  79. Sarah L :


  80. Jennifer B :

    aaaw, such cute outfits!

  81. Dia :

    Too cute, your little guy is adorable. In honor of Valentine’s day I am sporting my Cute Red and pink Graphic Tee from Old Navy.

    diacronan at hotmail dot com

  82. cyn :

    If I win this, I will not only use it but I will send you a What’s in my Bag post :)

  83. Julie :

    Love Old Navy! Most of mine and my kids’ wardrobes come from ON. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Heidi F. :

    What a fun giveaway! I love the clothes at Old Navy!

  85. Peggy McCarthy :

    He is adorable! Thanks for the Old Navy giveaway.

  86. Marianne Firth :

    At nearly 2, Eleanor doesn’t pick out her own clothes yet, but she sure can refuse to wear the ones I pick out. I dread the tutus over jeans over tights over dress shoes over pajamas phase I know is just around the corner.

  87. Marelize :

    I love me some Old Navy and cute little boy clothes.

  88. JGarcia :

    I <3 Old Navy

  89. the emily :

    Another one? My friend, we need to talk. I would like to win BOTH because I need to dress myself and my 3 kids for the coming summer. THANKS. :)

  90. Laura :

    Half of everything in our closets around here is Old Navy. We’d love to win!

  91. Mia :

    How awesome, two giveaways!

  92. Laura S :

    he’s such a cutie! thanks for the chance to win an Old Navy gift card!

  93. Tammy T :

    My son is 13 and still does not want to pick out his own clothes- at home or shopping. Help!

  94. Dia :

    The Videos are great. Thanks for the chance!

    diacronan at hotmail dot com

  95. Heather :

    Cute little munchkin. I have one in kinder also and he is very picky about clothes. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  96. jenny white :

    Love the video. Hope I win!

  97. Allison :

    Cowboy boots! Love it!

  98. Beth :

    Oh I hope I win!

  99. Andrea C :

    Awwww the little guy is such a cutie! I love Old Navy hoping to win one of these gift cards!

  100. amanda :

    thanks for the chance to win! 150 would help get a new spring wardrobe!

  101. Siouxzy :

    Good advice. Thanks.

  102. Cathy :

    I love you, Old Navy.

  103. Kim Allsup :

    my little girl needs me to win… she needs to look like a girl!

  104. Callie :

    Love your (new-to-me) blog. Also I love giveaways. And love old navy. So thanks!

  105. Bonnie :

    Ooh I hope I win! I love old navy for my kiddo

  106. Denise McK :

    Thanks for the tips. I do love me some Old Navy.

  107. Tina May :

    Great advice. I love your blog. Always a pick me up during the work week lunch time :)

  108. juliloquy :

    I set out my Kindergarten son’s clothes for him – only because as long as it’s comfortable, he truly doesn’t care what he wear, and it makes our mornings less hectic.

    My 3-year-old daughter has many Opinions about What To Wear. So that’s a collaborative effort (since I won’t let her wear only a leotard in February in Maryland.)

    Thanks for the contest!

  109. Elise Morris :

    I pick out the clothes, but just because he comes home from preschool covered in paint and dirt! Looking forward to a cleaner experience in K!

  110. Beverly :

    Love Old Navy!

  111. sara christine :

    This would be awesome to win!!!

  112. Valerie H. :

    What a cute little boy close to my sons age.

  113. Peggi Odle :

    Old Navy is a great resource for kid’s clothes :)

  114. Naomi :

    I like his gnarly sweatshirt the best!

  115. Melissa Rapp :

    I would love this! Flip flops, spring clothes!

  116. Brooke :

    Thanks for the chance to win! What a great giveaway!

  117. Tricia :

    Oh my gawd! Adorable! Sign me up.

  118. Katie :

    Old Navy? I’ll take that! :)

  119. Hannah :

    This would be a dream! I need new clothes for my kids. Old Navy is such a great place to stock up. Fabulous prices and darling products.

  120. Heather Paullus :

    I absolutely LOVE Old Navy! It’s wonderful to get so much for a little amount of money AND it being great clothing.

  121. kimberly :

    count me in on this one. Seems like I’m buying an entire wardrobe for my boys twice a year. ouch.

  122. Shari :

    Okay… your son is SUPER cute!

  123. Angie Hayes :

    Love the videos!

  124. sara jane :D :

    i would LOVE to win the old navy gift card. ps – i made your sugar scrub for valentines day gifts and love it! thanks for the tut. xoxox

  125. JenniferH :

    Thanks for the videos and for the chance to win the Old Navy contest!

  126. liz d-b :

    For some reason, my kids still let me choose their clothes for them. As long as I don’t make my daughter wear jeans. She has a fashion boycott on jeans. At least for now….

  127. Laurie :

    I pick out my own clothes. ;) And if I had kids I’m sure they’d have a huge say in what they wore, based on the kids I hang out with anyway.

  128. Kathleen :

    My almost kindergartner could use this…he’s growing like a weed!

  129. Heather B. :

    I let my kids wear what they want as well. Pretty interesting stuff but all their friends think they are cool!! Thanks fro the giveaway!

  130. Elizabeth Rowley :

    Old Navy is seriously a weakness for me, This would help so much(not with the whole addiction part, but since that isn’t going anywhere….)

  131. Mckay :

    I <3 Old Navy. Send me some love!!!

  132. Christy Combs :

    I have 4 kids and all of them would love to go shopping at Old Navy! My kindergartener would be sooo picky though…a fashionista at such an early age!

  133. Kami Vanous :

    SO awesome! Finding cute outfits for little boys isn’t always the easiest but Old Navy sure does help (without hurting the pocketbook too much!). Thanks!!!

  134. SarahJ :

    My kids do dress themselves… Definitely dangerous territory.

  135. Leslie :

    I have a hard time relinquishing control when it comes to what my kids are wearing. I’m really going to go crazy when they’re older aren’t I?

  136. Jessica :

    this is so cute :)

  137. Amy W :

    This would be amazing to win!

  138. Brooke :

    I love that you let your kids pick out their own clothes!

  139. Brooke Macdonald :

    Old Navy Rocks!

  140. Marie :

    I would love to win this, Old Navy is my hero!

  141. leana :

    Please, me! This is much needed.

  142. Marianne :

    RULE Old Navy!!!

  143. Jen H :

    My kids pick out their own clothes too. Love my Old Navy!

  144. Angie :

    Love Old Navy! And your vlogs! :)

  145. amelia :


  146. Emily MG :

    Old Navy is my everything.

    Ok, I’m kidding, but a g/c would rock my face.

  147. Cassie :


  148. Rachelle :

    Absolutely love cowboy boots on kids. Thanks for the great ideas.

  149. bunnyb :

    He’s so cute! I love the boots!

  150. Morgan W. :

    I must admit, I usually pick my kids outfits. The main reason being, they are JUST LIKE ME and they would just stare at all their clothes for way too long before finally deciding!

  151. Tiff :


  152. Dia :

    Luvin the cowboy boots. I am in need of a cute new pink pair.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    diacronan at hotmail dot com

  153. Annette D :

    Old Navy is one of my favorite stores. I have two sons and we can always find clothes there that they like and that fit!

  154. Steph :

    I need a few more maternity shirts, and a few things for my baby….

  155. Erin :

    Love your little videos! Thanks for giving all of us a chance to win.

    glyine.max at

  156. Amy Sanford :

    gotta love cat catching shirts :)

    fun series

  157. Carrie O :

    I love that they pick there own out. I have tried to guide. but don’t want to create a negative fashion moment…

  158. MommyMegs :

    So much we could do with this gift card! :)

  159. Deb K :

    We love to shop at Old Navy!!

    I would love to win this~Thanks for the chance


  160. Heather :

    My kids pick out their own clothes, too, with the exception of my 3 year old, who really couldn’t care less! :-P I will try to provide some “guidance” when something looks completely ridiculous, but for the most part, they do a pretty good job with their outfits :)

  161. Liz :

    LOVE your site!

  162. Alison :

    My six-year old son is so picky about what he wears. And my younger two are following in his footsteps!

  163. Dia :

    What I do is I lay out two outfits and let the kids take their pick of which one they want to wear. If I didn’t it would take all morning for them to decide what they wanted to wear.

    diacronan at hotmail dot com

  164. Carly :

    Another shot at an Old Navy giftcard? Count me in – thanks!

  165. Andrea B :

    I’d like to enter to win this contest. I saw some tops for my toddler for summer at Old Navy.

  166. Liz M. :

    I love Old Navy! My fingers are totally crossed!

  167. Fern :

    The entire family lives in Old Navy denim. They have something there for everyone! Thanks for the givaway!