kid style video part 1

Lisa Peterson

Pick me! Loving the Old Navy.

If you’re Lisa Peterson email me at: allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom to claim your booty.

This content series and giveaway is brought to you by Old Navy. Check out the Kids & Baby Sale in store with great deals starting at $5.  All opinions, children, and clothing belong to me and mine.

I’ve had a lot of readers ask about kid fashion, tween fashion, and how do I dress my kids?  So, I’m doing a series of 3 posts with my kids, vlogs, showcasing three outfits they wear in real life.  I couldn’t script my kids if I tried, so what you see is what you get.  Also, just like the cobbler’s kids having no shoes, my kids hate when I shop for them.  Poetic justice.

I live vicariously through my friends whose children allow the dress-up thing to happen.

This post includes a $150 Old Navy Gift Card Giveaway.  Sweet!

Giveaway Details:

  1. To enter the $150 Old Navy giveaway leave a comment on this post.
  2. Giveaway ends Thursday February 17th.  The giveaway winner will be announced on this post on Friday February 18th.

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  1. Dina :

    I have 3 boys and 2 stepdaughters ranging in age from 14 to 21. Gave up shopping for them without them being there A LONG time ago!

  2. Julie :

    Cute daughter you have with lots of stage presence! My 12 year old loves the skinny jeans looks and her next shoe of choice is a cute high top too. I’m glad my daughter is developing her own sense of style, but it can be aggravating for me. :)

  3. Mindy :

    Ooo – love Old Navy!! :)

  4. Carly :

    I love Old Navy – thanks for the great giveaway! I really enjoy your videos. :-)

  5. Alicia :

    I <3 Old Navy! I love shopping for my niece and I'll be really upset when she doesn't want me to do that anymore!

  6. Andria :

    I love the outfits you have shown of your daughter on your blog.

  7. Danielle :

    My little one is three and she is already her own fashionista. She’d love to go shopping crazy at old navy, especially for purple dresses.

  8. Raquel :

    I have a 10yr old girl and also dealing w/ finding the right style for age too.

  9. Jackie :

    Wow! I could definitely do with $150 to Old Navy!

  10. Marisa :

    My daughter has been dressing herself since she was 2. So sad for this control freak.

  11. Marianne :

    $150 at Old Navy sure goes a LOOOONG way. Great tips, as always.

  12. Beth :

    150 @ Old Navy – That would be so great!

  13. Kathy :

    Great video and style. I have a nine year old daughter who still isn’t into fashion yet, I will dread the day when she becomes a picky fasionista.

  14. Valerie H. :

    I love that I can still dress my little girls. But my 3 year old is already starting to have an opinion.

  15. Laurel :

    This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks! I’m crossing my fingers.

  16. kj :

    I love Old Navy! They have great jeans for kids. Please enter me in this contest! Thanks :)

  17. Barb @ getupandplay :

    She’s so darling. And I was impressed by the lack of eye-rolling and “MOM!” expressions. :)

    I love Old Navy- probably 80% of our family’s wardrobe is from there. Cheap and casual= totally my style.

  18. AutumH :

    My two older boys are in between sizes constantly and we are always trying to find clothes that I like as much as they do (a compromise of sorts)on them. I have to admit it’s not as hard to find appropriate clothing for boys as it seems to be for girls, it’s just a matter of how they dress themselves on my boys part. (Not a big fan of baggy jeans and sloppy tees!) As a mother I am a huge fan of the adjustable waists on most pants these days as well and Old Navy is great for finding pants like that. Thank you for the opportunity and for sharing the video.

  19. Jen McDonald :

    The tween stage is so hard! My twins are going to be official teenagers next week…the funny thing is that my son is a lot more picky than my daughter. She usually likes the stuff I buy her, but he often sends me packing back to the store (how do you go wrong with t-shirts??) or else I just wait for him to be with me. I think it’s still hard to find age appropriate stuff even when they get a little older. There’s just so much trampy looking stuff out there. My kids would love to celebrate their birthday with some new clothes from Old Navy!

  20. Megan G :

    What a great idea for a series of posts! I am looking forward to the next installment. Love Old Navy too– always a great find there.

  21. Mami2jcn :

    I have 3 kids…2 sons ages 6 & 7 and a baby girl who is 17 months. They all love Old Navy! I really like their graphic tees.

  22. Heidi F. :

    I love Old Navy! $150 would do wonders for the kids’ wardrobes!

  23. Sara T :

    Woot! Love Old Navy! What a fabulous giveaway! :)

  24. Lynnley :

    That would come in handy since I am a mom of 4 boys and it seems as if we go through clothes faster than we go through milk!

  25. RebeccaF. :

    Thank you!

  26. Melanie H :

    That would go a LONG way toward dressing my kids!

  27. Alicia W. :

    Great post! I have a niece who is P’s age and has some of the same problems in finding clothes (she is tall, too). It can even be a problem to find age appropriate clothes for my kids at 4 and 6.

    On a different topic (slightly), I really liked your outfit in the video, too, Allison! You and P both looked great!

  28. Heidi E :

    She’s a cutie! My oldest girl is almost five so we’re not quite there yet but my girlie is already turning down most of what I buy for her. Ugh! Is this just a girl thing? My oldest boy has no issues.

  29. Leisha :

    How great is this. Loving your videos. Having a kindergartner who has become very particular about what he wears, I need all of the tips I can get.

  30. melissa :

    could use some old navy cash!

  31. colett :

    I’m one of those people who has been blessed to have two daughters that love to let me dress them in whatever I want, they love everything I pick…I know, it’s the best! Old Navy is great!

  32. Julie {AngryJulie Monday} :

    I heart Old Navy for kid’s clothes. The mother/daughter interaction on your video is hilarious….

    and your kid tall for her age, say it ain’t so….LOL

    and YES, I want to win this!

  33. Kim :

    What fun! I need to go shopping with my niece!

  34. Lori J :

    Love Old Navy!!

  35. Kacey :

    I was a tall kid, too. (And I still am! :) ) So I feel your pain. It’s tough finding pants, skirts, and long sleeved items that fit properly.

  36. amanda :

    i always loved shopping with my mom, i still do.

  37. Erin E. :

    Old Navy and I became great friends again since my baby came along. Hands down they have best toddler clothes deals and maternity jeans. (big hug to Miss P. — she is so great.)

  38. Stacey M. :

    Lately I’ve been shopping at ON for my daughter because they have “basic” kids clothes that aren’t too busy or frou-frou. I like my 3YO daughter to look cute but not too busy or made up. Now that we get to shop for our baby boy due in May I’m excited to get away from the pink and in some other colors. Especially since he won’t be able to tell me he doesn’t want to wear what I picked out each day. ;)

  39. christina j. :

    i need an old navy shopping spree! i’m pregnant and none of my clothes fit anymore! *fingers crossed*

  40. Iris :

    I am new to your blog, but so far I love everything I see. I’m pretty sure I would die if I won that gift card, I never win anything! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  41. Jenna T :

    Your daughter is adorable…
    I would love a shopping spree!

  42. Cassie Stephan :

    I love love Old Navy

  43. DeeDee :

    We love Old Navy! Thank goodness my boys (5&7) still let me shop for them!

  44. Jerusha Beckstead :

    So Allison I feel like I am totally in the same spot! My daughter is 11 and WON’T dare look in the women’s department but she has way left the kids section. I would love to win that giftcard so I could take her to Old Navy to have some fun. I love your blog!

  45. evonne :

    Old Navy Rawks and stuff.

    My daughter is 6, but wants to be 21. So, she is suuuper picky about what she wears…it makes it not so fun.

  46. Emily :

    Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  47. Cassie :

    She looks just like you and your husband. Great video. I still remember how difficult it was to find clothes at her age.

    Suggestion for when she finally grows out of that frog t-shirt – maybe turn it into a t-shirt pillow? I know you can find simple tutorials online. That way she can continue to enjoy the shirt for a while longer.

    I’d love to win the giveaway! Old Navy is great for basics!

  48. Gina :

    I think it’s great that you stress the importance of being age appropriate. I don’t like when I see young girls dressing like they are 25 when they are only 10 or 11. You’re a good mom. :)

  49. Bruce Fallon :

    This was fun to watch Miss Precocious in this. Kate watched with rapt attention. She thought the skirt was “so cute.” My little fashionista.

  50. Shari :

    I am totally with you on the age appropriate clothing AND shoes. Why is it so hard to so many parents to understand that they are not doing their kids any favors by allowing them to dress beyond their age?

    You’re daughter is a firecracker (and adorable!). Reminds so much of my oldest at that age, except, she was short.

  51. Audrey :

    $150 goes a long way at Old Navy! I would be in heaven shopping for me and my girls!

  52. Laura S :

    Your daughter is adorable! Great giveaway!

  53. Sarah :

    Great post!! It IS so hard to find age appropriate clothes, thank you!!

  54. Allison :

    Your daughter is wonderfully confident in herself and her personal style. You must be so proud. And cheers to you for keeping to the age appropriate fashions. Nothing looks worse than an adolescent girl dressing like a Kardashian. (But a close second is a Kardashian dressing like a Kardashian.)

  55. Cassie Jowers :

    Love me some Old Navy!

  56. Carey M :

    I love to shop for my twin 4 year old girls at Old Navy. Their clothes are always so durable, cute and super soft.

  57. MommyMegs :

    Oh how I could use this gift card – my 3 year old son’s pants have slowly become highwaters!

  58. patricia :

    I LOOOOOOVE old navy, cute clothes and good prices!

  59. Lindsay N. :

    I was just @ Old Navy on Saturday looking for clothes for my 16-month old son. I think I could have bought the whole boy’s section for him…but didn’t! Thanks for the great blog & vlogs!

  60. Jill S. :

    My 5-year-old hates it when I dress her. I’ve given up. I’m sure all the moms who help out in kindergarten think she’s a street urchin.

  61. Erin B :

    Ia gree picking clothes and even sizes for kids is very difficult… I love the style posts.

  62. Peggy McCarthy :

    Great giveaway. Your daughter is adorable!

  63. Julie Summerhays :

    My daughter is in 4th and super short for her age, so shopping is pretty much a nightmare – but we love Old Navy! Cheap and chic!!

  64. Carolyn :

    I would love to win this giveaway!

  65. Darcy Gray :

    Great Giveaway! I love Old Navy!

  66. Lana :

    I have a three year old who LOVES to dress herself. Some days her look is surprisingly good, others not so much :)

    Enjoyed this video – I see my future….

  67. Katie :

    I would love to get some money for new clothes!

  68. jill :

    $150 smackers to spend on sweet, teeny baby things at old navy? the only thing better would be HAVING this baby already!!

  69. Shannon C. :

    I have a 6 year old and she is already so picky about what she wears. We have head to head battles at least every other day about what she can and can’t wear to school! I love Old Navy! They have the cutest kid clothes, and they are so affordable.

  70. Ellen S. :

    Great video – thanks for showing some ‘age-appropriate’ outfits.

  71. Kimm :

    I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old that would make great use of $150! My 6 year old is quite the fashionista already.

  72. Sarah :

    $150 gift card to Old Navy?! I have 3 daughters. I’m already battling it out when it comes to clothes with my 5 year old. Yikes! I love Old Navy clothes for kids. And let’s be honest, of course I would spend it on myself too! Great giveaway!

  73. Andrea :

    What a great giveaway. I have a 4,5 and 6 year old. I love to shop at Old Navy for them, especially when the have additional % off of the clearance!

  74. Stephanie :

    Love love Old Navy!! Not just for my kids, 2 1/2 year old girl and 1 1/2 boy but I also love to wear their stuff also! PS, love your blog!!

  75. Liz Lemon :

    Would love this giveaway! Very cool giveaway. I much enjoyed your little video! :) Can’t wait till we get there.

  76. Jen C. :

    This is great! I am having the same issues with my 12 yesr old. She wears the same “uniform” to school everyday- jeggings, tee, hoodie & converse sneakers. Gotta love it! Thanks for sharing.

  77. Lori :

    She is a darling girl and quite charming. After your ‘dressing a tween’ segment, can you do a ‘dressing your husband’ thing? Seriously… he owns 2 pair of jeans and a bunch of free shirts that he gets from work. Anyway, I am grateful that my kids still wear what I buy, but my 7 YO is starting to get away from it. boooo!

  78. jenwabilly :

    eww-w-w-w pick me, pick me

  79. Krista :

    Just utilized the 30% off yesterday! Such awesome deals on clearance!! Love me some Old Navy!

  80. Bhill :

    yes, please.

  81. erika :

    Yay for Old Navy and giveaways! Thanks!

  82. Whitney :

    Old Navy is a staple in this house.

  83. susan lynch :

    I would love the old navy gift card. I have two girls and a baby boy on the way… and well we have nothing but pink so that boy will need some cloths! I hope I win!

  84. Suzie :

    my 3 little monsters always look adorable in old navy!!

  85. Megan T. :

    Love Old Navy!

  86. ASuburbanLife :

    Your daughter is adorable (surely not a word she would choose to describe herself, however) and so poised on camera. Fun vlog!

  87. Katrina :

    give away or not, I can sincerely say that at least 3/4 of my girls clothes in their closet are Old Navy clothes. No. lie. at. all. Is that normal? Anyway, we <3 them :) Please let us win hehe

  88. Emily :

    Gosh, I love your kids! Precious is growing up so quickly! (And of course I love Old Navy–I think I keep them in business solely with my purchases!)

  89. McKenzie :

    I could use all this money within 20 minutes at Old Navy! Would be so wonderful to get new spring clothes for the fam!

  90. Suzanne :

    I have 5 kids – this would be GREAT!! And for me too:) I have lost 30 pounds now and need some new clothes!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  91. lala :

    I love shopping for my little ones…as well as myself! Luckily, Ellie is only 2 so this will last for a little while longer. I’m also due (any day now) with a little boy. One of each to shop for :o)

  92. Courtney :

    This video has me equal parts excited and terrified of what my daughter, who is now 16 months, will be like as a 5th grader!

    Anywho – your’s is super cute!

  93. amelia :

    After 3 boys, I’m pregnant with my first girl so this would be great to load up on all those frilly things I’m suppose to have.

  94. SS Sews :

    I love Old Navy!

  95. Stacey Brill :

    I was just at Old Navy today, there is TONS more I would love to get there. What a great giveaway!

  96. robyn :

    your daughter is a hoot and a half!
    and i know what you mean about the dress up thing. my son is juuuuuust about to turn two, and HE is opinionated as all get out. the day i got him to wear his red suspenders i thought i was dreaming (and took photos to prove it happened).

  97. Stacia :

    So fun to see you interact with your daughter! I remember you at that age – fun times!

  98. Nancy J :

    Seriously? You could practically buy a new wardrobe at Old Navy with $150, count me in!

  99. Heather :

    Love it! I have an EXTREMELY tall 9 year old with crazy long legs, and finding anything that fits is nearly impossible. I like the idea of maybe trying some women’s small clothes :)

    We also LOVE Old Navy!!

  100. Julie :

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  101. Amanda :

    I love a good giveaway…and your daughter is adorable.

  102. Sarah L :

    I love the rolling of the eyes that occurs as you are speaking to the camera…haha

  103. Katelyn :

    My little 16 month old looooves shoes – already. She already had a sense of her own crazy style!

  104. Lorena Mora :

    Would love to win! My almost 8 yr old daughter picks out a lot of her clothes now, but I still get to pick my sons he’s almost 3.

  105. Heidi :

    Luckily all 3 of my boys still let me dress them. :)

  106. Marie :

    Just check out my closet, more Old Navy than I have words for. I’d love to win this!!

  107. Annemarie :

    wow, I wish I’d had as much fashion sense as your daughter when I was 11!

  108. Amy Brewer :

    I have 3 kids (12,9 and 5) and none of them let me pick their clothes out. I have to let them do their own thing and they have to be with me when I buy their clothes..This would be a great shopping spree for us…thanks for the chance..

  109. Leanne M :

    With 3 kids I can totally use this GC. Thanks for the giveawaY!

  110. Justine McD. :

    I love Old Navy’s clothes. My son, 4½yrs old, is very Leggy and Old Navy’s pants seem to be one of the few that actually fit length and are small enough for his waist (He needs a 5-6 for length but a 4-5 for waist)

  111. Devotion Mama :

    I love Old Navy! For my kids, my husband and for me :)

  112. Alisha :

    Loved the vlog and am heading into tweens with my oldest girly, she is also tall and it is HARD to find things that fit and are appropriate with style! Thank you and can’t wait to see the outfits you come up with. Love the skirt for church by the way!

  113. bitt :

    I’ve taught 4th and 5h graders–what a tough time for girls–lots of changes! Your daughter sure seems to know what she likes. Wish I was that confident at her age.

  114. Andrea :

    I love Old Navy! I would love to get some maternity clothes for myself, some baby clothes for baby girl, and some new shirts for my hubby! Thanks for the chance!

  115. Crystal W :

    My daughters in the same boat..not wanting the pinky princessy things anymore but not quite wanting the “teen” scene style. After her first day of junior high this year (6th grader) she came home and informed me that no one (really no one) wore flared or straight leg jeans..only skinny 1/2 the jeans I bought her for school were in the “I’ll rather die than wear” category. With my boys it’s so easy whatever I put out they put questions..easy peasy..My daughter not so much ….even if I know she likes it and I put it out on the back of the couch (the morning closet) she’ll still go get something else…ahhhh tweens..can’t live with them, can’t sell them to gypsies.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. vee :

    150 bucks at Old Navy would be super helpful to me! I’m a student and can’t afford much right now. Thanks for the opportunity!

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  117. Aimee :

    This would be great to use for getting my two=month=old outfitted for this spring and summer.

  118. Nancy :

    It was so easy when our children were too young to dress themselves. As soon as they have an option on what to wear each day, it gets interesting. Happily, Old Navy has lots of selections to please everyone!

  119. HeatherM :

    yay… i love old navy! luckily, i can still still dress my daughter on most days :)

  120. sherri crawford :

    my daughter would be soooooo happy if i won $150 gc to old navy

  121. Elsie :

    This would be a gift to a special little girl who loves to pick out her own clothes and socks! She has good taste!

  122. Cathy :

    I have to admit to taking pleasure in dressing my boys up in outfits that could be their dad’s if they were bigger. They look adorable :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  123. Snowflake07 (Audra) :

    Old Navy has the best kids pajama sets! I’m a sucker for their graphic tees. $150 could buy a lot of both! :-)

  124. kari jasus :

    i LOVE old navy. i loved shopping there when i was pregnant and all through the toddler years and now. they have amazing prices and deals. i can’t NOT shop there!

  125. Rochelle :

    With 4 kids ranging from tween to toddler, Old Navy is AWESOME for affordable fashion!

  126. jenny white :

    Old Navy……yea!!!!!

  127. Betsy Hoff :

    $150 at Old Navy would last my daughter 1 year! We always shoot for the clearance racks and buy for next season! I love Old Navy! Thanks for the chance!

  128. Stacy :

    $150 at Old Navy would definitely get my 3 year old all the clothes he needs for spring/summer plus some left over for me!

  129. Angela Akinniyi :

    Thank you for a great post. It isn’t very hard for me to dress my 3, 11, and 12 yr. old girls. I keep it simple and don’t buy into the “have to have” name brand stuff and we teach our kids to be strong and to ignore all of that stuff; we can’t afford anyways. I love Old Navy, they have the most attractive and affordable clothes out!

  130. Rebecca :

    Old Navy is my go-to stop for kids clothing. Amazing prices, fun styles and comfortable too. And with $150 I could shop for all five nieces!

  131. Dee :

    Great video. I love Old Navy but my kids have to be there while I’m shopping for them.

  132. Alison Squire :

    I buy most of my kids’ clothes at ON. This would be great!

  133. Stephanie :

    Love this. I get most of my kids clothes at Old Navy. Thanks!

  134. Mary :

    Yes please! I am loyal to Old Navy already, and I’d love the help to stock up on Spring/Summer items for my boys!

  135. Brooke :

    I heart Old Navy. I can’t wait for my daughters to be tweens….I think :)

  136. Heather MK :

    Oooh, my little one would look so cute in some new ON clothes this spring!!!! LOVE their style. :)

  137. Stephanie :

    Crossing my fingers…

  138. Beatriz Cancel :

    Wonderful. Thanks

  139. Anna-Marie :

    Oh I dearly love Old Navy for they are one of the best places to get my little man “man pants” (that’s how we differentiate clothes that look like adult clothes in miniature from the baby clothes).

  140. r8chel :

    Shopping for clothes for my kids is so EASY compared to shopping for myself — and the gift card would make it FUN too. :)

  141. Tiffany :

    I love Old Navy, especially their socks and sweaters. Great way to look cute and stay warm.

  142. melissa pruitt :

    enter me please i love old navy!

  143. Jennifer T. :

    I have three kiddos ages 2 – 5 so we pretty much don’t have to have them with us while shopping. Although my 3 (almost 4) year old is a little fashionista and refuses to wear anything but skinny jeans, jeggings and leggings. HA! Of course my boy isn’t picky at all, as long as it’s clean and comfy he’ll wear it.

  144. elisabeth@itsyfactor :

    Ah, the damage I could do with $150 at Old Navy. Guess it wouldn’t be “damage” though if it’s on them, right?

  145. shelly ok :

    I enjoy shopping for my kids more than for myself. I would love to go crazy at Old Navy with this prize!

  146. Mama Zen :

    Old Navy has the cutest leggings!

  147. amy pugmire :

    count me in please. love old navy

  148. Melissa G :

    Old Navy is great for the whole family and super affordable!! Thanks!

  149. Kristi :

    My two boys have all of a sudden grown out of all of their clothes and Old Navy is our store of choice so this would really be a blessing right now.

  150. Brandi :

    Great give away! I LOVE Old Navy, definitely one of my favorite stores! I may be there a bit too often, my daughter just won’t stop growing and my son won’t stop getting holes in the knees of his pants so its a great store with great prices!

  151. nan :

    thanks for the chance, i love old navy
    nannypanpan at

  152. Nayra :

    thanks for the giveaway! <3 ON!

  153. AutumH :

    Old Navy is a great place to find some stylish deals at a decent price for my boys. Recently I was able to find some Star Wars themed shirts for my obsessed boys for only $6. Beats out a lot of other places for sure.

  154. Mini :

    thanks for the awesome giveaway.would love to buy lots of clothes during the baby sale for my 3 month old girl and 6 year old boy.Also would buy ON jeans for myself:)

  155. bethany :

    I usually pick out and buy the clothes that I would like my kids to wear and let my kids pair them how they like. I know this will probably change one day but for now it works.

  156. Sharon :

    My 11 yr.old daughter is always looking for new/different things to wear! She is so into style&fashion. Would love a gift card from Old Navy to let her go wild!

  157. Jessica Baer :

    love old navy kids clothes! We have two girlies, and I just love their prints for girls!

  158. Kris :

    Old Navy has such great choices for kids! Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. Gillian :

    Yay Old Navy!

  160. Fern :

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I love Old Navy kid’s and baby sale. I picked up a pretty cropped cardigan for my daughter and a pretty cami to go under it. Great clothes at great prices!!

  161. Jody John :

    I have two rambunctious boys and two girls…a lot of the clothes that they are wearing are hand-me-downs because I can’t afford to buy them new clothes….Would be awesome to win this and actually get new clothes for them….Thanks for the chance…

    dan_jody at

  162. Gretchen :

    Wow, awesome! Love Old Navy for my 3 kiddos!

  163. courtney :

    this would be so awesome! my daughter’s turning 3 soon and just went threw a growth spurt– I would love some fun new summer togs to dress my darling girl!

  164. Jennifer Barr :

    This is such a great giveaway! I love old navy!

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  165. Darcie :

    spring fashion is here!! Now i just can’t wait for the weather to arrive too.

  166. Lacey :

    I would LOVE this! Fingers crossed.

  167. Kim :

    I could make this go a looooong way!

  168. Valarie Yruretagoyena :

    Two growing boys and little cash. I would love to win!

  169. Bre Thomas :

    I have 3 kiddos who need spring/summer clothes…would love to win!!!!!

  170. Julia :

    Winning this giveaway would be amazing! I could buy so much stuff for my fam with that money =)

  171. Kadi :

    I love tht Old Navy is fashionable and affordable too!

  172. phaltukachra :

    With a huge pile of snow outside and unable to go to the store to shop,I would love to use the $150 and shop online!I always find great selection and sizes for my 2 Boys.Thanks!

  173. Bonnie :

    Would love to win this! Fun.

  174. Emmilee :

    Old Navy is a must when shopping for my toddler!

  175. Laura R. :

    great video! old navy is a staple in this house. =)

  176. sara :

    I love Old Navy!!! They have the only maternity pants that I actually feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis. And their prices on baby clothes are so reasonable I don’t mind buying new!

  177. Emily C. :

    I’d love this one since our boys seem to grow and wear things out like crazy. Thanks!

  178. Alicia CP :

    I love Old Navy!

  179. Mike :

    Old Navy rocks!

  180. Tori :

    perfect giveaway! such a great sale, too!

  181. Stephanie :

    Dream come true! I love ON kid’s clothes (and women’s clothes too!)

  182. Callie :

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