A Christmas Carol Movie

“A  Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens is beloved in our home. Mr. J reads the original story to his students each December, and we are familiar with its many cinematic interpretations. Last weekend we seized upon a babysitter in order to have a certifiable date night, and went to see the latest version, Disney’s “A Christmas Carol.”

It was fantastic. Very true to the original story, very creative, with an excellent musical score. Because it is so true to the book, it is darker than other versions, even scary in parts.  I’d avoid taking children under the age of 8. Really, the sequence with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is pretty frightening. Jim Carrey is great as the voice and physical inspiration for multiple characters and succeeds in tossing just the right dose of humor into the dialogue. You’ll also notice Colin Firth (swoon!) and Cary Elwes (Wesley!) in the mix.  Go here to view clips and determine if it’s appropriate for your children.

And of course, the story itself is wonderful. Touching, inspiring, and with a happy ending.

Whether you read the book or not, or see the movie or not, may you enjoy Christmas this week with the true spirit in your heart. Keep Christmas well.

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  1. Quinn :

    Oh, yay! I'm so glad this movie is so good! Thanks for the warning on not bringing little kids – we'll be sure to avoid that. xoxo

  2. Petit Elefant :

    Merry Christmas KJ!

  3. Baba :

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!