Katie Holmes Bob

I took your hair advice and chopped my hair off yesterday.  I was at an Aveda salon, having a day of beauty with my dear friend Marie LeBaron and chopped it all off.

katie holemes hair

Incidentally, I crossed #49 off my Life List in the process.  I went to a spa and had every treatment available.  Best money I’ve spent all yearPeriod.

You like the hair? I’m so happy with it!

p.s. thanks for all the hair advice this week! I literally whipped out my iPhone to show the hairdresser that my readers voted on it and decided it was a good idea to cut my hair like Katie {er, Kate} Holmes.  She looked at me sideways but still did what I asked.  THANK YOU!

p.p.s. thanks for the apple advice and recipes, you guys rock.

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  1. AutumH :

    Love it! You look so glamorous.

    • Petit Elefant :

      Ooh, I’ll take glamorous!

  2. Marianne Firth :

    It’s gorgeous- super chic!

    • Petit Elefant :

      That’s what I’m going for, chic.

  3. Emily :

    Like I tweeted last night, SUPER HOT! I just might have a girl crush on you. Your mad fashion skills make you that much more attractive. And I need to try that day-at-the-spa thing too. Sounds perfect!

    • Petit Elefant :

      You HAVE to try the all day spa thing, seriously, worth every stinking penny.

  4. vanessa :

    Oh no my comment totally got taken off, you know I was kidding right? Of course you are not grounded :) Now you must do a video on the hair!!

    • Petit Elefant :

      no, I swear I didn’t delete it! we moved servers today and I lost a bunch of comments in the process! I’d never delete a comment from you. Ever.

  5. Roxanna :

    You look amazing! (And I notice the necklace — yay!)

    • Petit Elefant :

      I’ve been wearing this necklace a lot. And I’ve decided I’m going to wear it while I cross things off my list. Day at the spa? Wore it. Surfing? Going to wear it.

  6. Tami Warner :

    LOVE it. I hope you like it as much as we do! SOOOOO cute!!

    • Petit Elefant :

      I love it. Now onto styling it myself….

  7. Pam :

    Total rockstar. So great.

    • Petit Elefant :

      Thank you! Really and truly, thanks.

  8. Ann :

    Love it!!

    • Petit Elefant :

      {smile} thanks! I do too.

  9. Donna :

    Your title to this blog confused me, not that that’s hard to do. I kept trying to figure out who Bob was and what he had to do with this blog and then I finally realized you meant your hairstyle! Which is adorable! Can’t wait to see it!

    • Petit Elefant :

      You kill me Donna, you really do.

  10. Melissa :

    I love it, Allison! Your hair stylist did a fantabulous job!

    • Petit Elefant :

      Fantabulous! I love that word. And also, she really did.

  11. Helen Jane :

    Oh man, now I’m itching for a cut.

    • Petit Elefant :

      Do eeet, do eeeeet!

  12. Amy Smart :

    I love it! You look rockin!

    If only my hair would look that cute. Thin hair stinks.

    • Allison :

      Thin hair is the PITTS Amy! I hate it. But, I think sometimes shorter is better with this hair, so that’s what I’m banking on. {hoping}.

  13. Suzette :

    Wow! That cut is ROCK STAR!!!

    • Allison :

      That’s so nice, thank you!

  14. Anna M :

    I love that you did it! I can’t wait to hear how you style the bangs everyday. That is what I fear the most about cutting bangs–not being able to do them myself.

    You look RAD and your cheek bones are to die for!

    • Allison :

      The bangs are going to be tricky. I think there will be a lot of flat ironing going on over here.

      {thank you!}

    • Allison :

      To trot! Thanks man.

  15. robyn :

    love it! you look stellar!

    • Allison :

      Thanks Robyn! Now let’s see if I can style it on my own…..

  16. Trainer Momma :

    Yes, yes, and yes. I love everything about it. You’d better hide, cause Tom Cruise is going to be knocking at your door looking for his Katie.

  17. Petit Elefant :

    Eww. Ick. Let’s hope not!

  18. Alix from Modern Kiddo :

    You and your hair look PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love love love it!

    Also, I have those grey Target boots. So good, huh?? Comfy AND cool. (and LETHA! Go target!)

    • Allison :

      thank you so much! I’m in love with it, but the home styling is a little uh, um. Well. It’s tricky.

      Those boots are THE BOMB.com! Loving them. LOVE that you have a pair. Of course! Nice taste mama.

  19. Katrina Babic :

    Super adorable… I am glad that you’re happy with it, sometimes a hair change is hard :) This is the week for me as well. I am OFFICIALLY getting my hair colored/highlighted for the first time. Wish me luck! {the white hairs are overwhelming, must be the Kids}

    • Petit Elefant :

      Do it DO IT!.

      {I have more white hair than I can pluck, it’s why I color}

  20. Jess :

    I LOVE in all capitals letters, for the rest of eternity, LOVE that cut on you.

    • Petit Elefant :

      Jess, THANK YOU for saying that. In all caps.

    • Petit Elefant :

      I had to endure much childhood teasing, they used to be big huge chubby cheeks.


  21. Marianne Smi :

    I left you a FB note about your lovely locks…..but in seeing it again……not that you need it….but, bangs are an INSTANT facelift/Botox! You look like a kid! Kudos to you for being so daring.

    • Petit Elefant :

      Oooh Botox. I won’t admit to being curious about that stuff, but I am. So thank you.

  22. Heather H. :

    You look beautiful! Fab!!

    • Petit Elefant :

      I’ll take it Heather, thanks so much!

  23. Marie :

    I LOVE it. I’m glad I go to be there when you chopped it!