inauguration 2009.

I am so excited about tomorrow I can barely contain myself. I can’t believe the history that’s being made, and am itching to watch the coverage on t.v. tomorrow. The official 2009 inauguration website has a kids page so your little-ish ones can get in on all the excitement too. I’ve shown P and she’s now hovering over my shoulder waiting to get started.

What are you planning to do tomorrow in celebration? A special breakfast, or treat in the kids lunchbox? A special inauguration dinner for the family? I’m still not sure what we’ll do to celebrate but it will be good. I do know that I’ll be pulling P out of school to come home & watch the ceremony with me. Her school doesn’t have t.v.’s and they aren’t planning to watch it online. It’s a moment in history I don’t want her to miss, regardless of school policy.

What are you doing in celebration of this new era?

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  1. KJ :

    none of the schools up here have the ability to view the inauguration either, which is shameful. They should have planned a field trip to a location that will be viewing it. So important for our kids to understand how it all goes down. I’ll tune in for the swearing in.

  2. april :

    I can’t believe I missed out on your great yarn giveaway! Shoot! Great blog BTW.

  3. Run DMT :

    How cool! I wish I had seen your site before the big day. I feel like I let all my Obama friends down by not planning a big to-do. Oh well. I’ll start planning for Obama’s next big inauguration in 4 years.