I really want a personalized bed with photos

A bed used to be a place for sleeping.  A boring white + blue striped mattress, covered with a sheet and maybe a nice down comforter (if you were lucky).  I never take a good bed for granted but my kids don’t know the difference.  I’ve spoiled them by not making them sleep on fold-up camping cots or 3 to a bed, stitch, like I did from time to time growing up in a family with 8 kids.  So imagine then how I felt when I discovered there’s such a thing as a personalized bed, a bed so personalized you can get photos of whatever you please as light panels on the headboard.  Can you even imagine?

I clearly cannot.

personal bed


My childhood self wouldn’t have even known where to start with such an unbelievable future creation.  What pictures would I choose for the headboard?  Princess Leia?  No! My Little Pony! No, too girly! I loved G.I. Joe so much I used to sneak into my brother’s bedroom to play with Joe and all his army buddies, maybe I could find a photo of ol’ Joe for my room!  I know, I know, She-Ra from Masters of the Universe!  A very pink + purple 80’s theme would’ve surely ensued,and honestly, the whole idea might’ve been too much for my young brain to handle.

Luckily for my children (who think I’m the last person on planet earth with good taste) I’m an arbiter of fine taste *cough* so they’ll never have to live with the theoretical indecision.


personalized bed with photos

He doesn’t know it yet, but my little guy is getting the bed of a lifetime for Christmas this year from LightHeaded Beds, complete with photos of happy making memories to lull him to sleep every night.  I’m uploading pictures of all his favorite things to be turned into headboard light photos for his new bed, although he’d be thrilled to no end to choose from the photos LightHeaded Beds has already, like Phineas & Ferb or any of these gorgeous photos of space.

walking in the rain

We’ve already established that I’m a mean mom though, so I’m choosing photos from the last handful of years.  Photos of traveling through and surfing in Costa Rica and wandering through Europe, and moments from every day life.

4th of july

Maybe if he’s a good boy I’ll let him look at the hipsters choice options for his birthday.  For heaven’s sake, he can create his own image and make a photo light out of it!  Plus (and this is really a selfish bonus) the light emitting from the headboard photo is enough by which to read a book and / or scare the monsters away; it also comes with a remote for an on / off switch (I can be a mean mom all the way from my bedroom!) and a timer so my little guy won’t waste electricity after he falls asleep.

trip to europe

Has your brain exploded from amazing yet?  Mine certainly has.  Oh, and p.s. you can now buy one of these bad boys (for a discounted rate, I might add) at Sam’s Club.  I think someone in your house wants one for the holidays.  Maybe it’s you, I won’t judge.


I have a LightHeaded bed to give away, WAHOOOOOOO!  Happy Thanksgivikuh to you.  Check out the details below to enter.  I hope you win.  You too.

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// This post is sponsored by LightHeaded Beds, a fabulous company in Utah!  (go Utah!) The photos, opinions and naughty children are always my very own. //

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  1. Ellen :

    My son would go NUTS for one of these. I think he would certainly pick one of the Disney characters, but would have a hard time doing just one.

  2. girlfromwva :

    What a great bed!

  3. Katelyn :

    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!