book pick: twilight saga.

In honor of Valentine’s Day I’m going to share my romantic book pick. For those of you who have yet to be initiated into the vampiring world of Stephenie Meyer, allow me. Let me throw a disclaimer out there before I start this book {series} review: I am not a fan of fantasy or vampires. I don’t like the X-Men or Batman movies {boo, hiss I know} and I have never been a Marvel comic book reader. But you don’t need to like any of those to be completely taken with this series about love and vampires.

Stephenie Meyer is a first time novelist, {hard to believe, I know} who has the gift of magnetism in her writing. It’s impossible for me to read “just” a chapter here & there; I all but guarantee if you pick up the first book and start reading you won’t be able to stop {go now! find a library or a bookstore, or go to amazon and get the first book, go!}.

My sister harassed me for months to read them and once I relented, it was trouble for my whole family. And by trouble I mean: T.V. for breakfast, McDonald’s for dinner, and please children, don’t get killed outside playing with your friends because mommy can’t put down her book to help you’.

And may I just say: It’s a good thing I held off reading this series until it was a series, because my patience has been sorely tested waiting for the 4th book to come out. I’ve read and re-read the series, {I’m not into full disclosure so I won’t tell you how many times I’ve read the series} and can’t wait to until the next book is available, {it’s actually available for pre-order now and I’m one of the suckers who will be on the list} August 2, 2008. Don’t try to get in touch with me that day, I won’t be able to help you.

And sweetheart if you’re reading, I can’t decide if I like Edward or Jacob better, so I might need a shirt for each.

{shirts via cafe press}.

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  1. tiffany and darren :

    I don’t know if you are as excited about the movie as you are the books, but Twilight is going to be out on December 12th, just to mark your calendar.

  2. KJ :

    are they really THAT good? I am so NOT into the fantasy thing…though I liked the Christian Bale Batman…but I haven’t read this series yet, English major that I was…

  3. i i eee :

    Honestly, if you’re an English major like myself…not that great. The premise is fun -I heart vampires, who doesn’t? But I couldn’t convince myself to bother reading the second one. Woman needs to fire her editor.

    And then there’s always this, which pretty much sums up the entire book. (Especially funny if you’re LDS.)

  4. KJ :

    everyone I know has read and loved it (them).
    I’m always the last one on the bandwagon. I may just have to read them because petite elefant and I seem to have an awful lot in common and she has great taste.

  5. the HeartTongues :

    WHAT??!? Not that great?! I wasn’t an English major, but I’ve always loved English and excelled in it, and I thought they were PHENOMENAL! And I’m not into the fantasy thing either, kj! I’d say give it a try and form your own opinion! Loved them and can’t wait for the next book! Wonder if the movie will do Twilight justice…

  6. Aranne and Dan :

    I know this comment is a little late but I just found your site and am loving all of your cute posts… I love this series and those shirts are TOO CUTE. I also noted the first comment…NO WAY THEY ARE MAKING A MOVIE!!! I am there FOR SURE! Go Team EDWARD!!!