How tos: transitioning into Fall fashion

How to transition into Fall fashion is all the buzz in the fashion world right now, and we’re talking about it today with Petit Elefant fashion editor Robyn.  Get excited because it’s starting to get chilly (ish) out! (note from Allison)

Hello again lovely Petit Elefant readers! I am so excited to be  back for another fashion post and I’m even more excited it has to do with one of my favorite all time things – Fall Fashion!


I feel like there is always a point in January or February when I start to get a slight hankering for summer trends and warm weather (as I’m sure most of us do!) but it never seems to be quite as intense as my desire to jump back into the fall trends! Summer is great and all but let’s be honest, layering chunky sweaters and boots are what we fashionable ladies live for!

Now here’s the tricky part- this awkward time of year when it is still too warm to be wearing any more than one or two layers (tops!) during the day but the nights are chilly. It’s also still a little premature to jump right into sweater season so there has to be a happy medium during the end of August through September.  Here are a few of my favorite how to’s + tips to help this transition go as smoothly as possible.


How to’s: transitioning into Fall fashion


1. Layer Smart

When layering, make sure you start with a tee and build upon that, that way, no matter how hot it gets during the day, you will be able to remove whatever extra layers you have and still be comfortable!

2. Keep Your Other Layers Light and Comfy

Leather jackets may be a no-go for at least a little bit while it’s still just starting to get cooler. You may notice although the nights can get a little chilly, throwing on a leather jacket or a wool coat still seems a little silly for 55-60 degree weather! Keep it light with light jackets, cardigans (my personal favorite), and long sleeve button downs. These are also easier to pack around and throw in your purse to have on hand for later that night.

3. To Boot or Not to Boot?

Boots are the first thing I want to yank out of my closet and put on once I see the weather drop below 75 degrees, but it may still be a little early! Have you noticed that when your feet are hot, your entire body starts to feel overheated? You could still be wearing shorts but the second you add hot uncomfortable boots (and socks!) you’ll be wishing you had just waited a little longer. If you do decide it’s cool enough for boots, maybe throw a pair of flats in your bag just in case. It also may be smart to start with ankle booties which are lighter and a little more airy and slowly transition into the knee high boots for those definite cold days when you want your feet nice and toasty!



This  is one of my favorite looks while I am slowly transitioning into fall fashion! I’m also quite a bit more pregnant than the last time I posted (only 6 weeks away from having little girl here!) and although it has made being “fashionable” a little trickier, none of these pieces are actual maternity wear so you would be able to pull off this same look (minus the belly!)




(Head on over to my blog for all outfit details!)

How easy is that?  These are some super quick tricks to transition that summer wardrobe into Fall.  Now that you know how, get stylish!

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