How to wear white pants in the Winter

Do you know how to wear white pants in the Winter, and straight into Spring?  It’s for real, we’re wearing white in the cold months now.  This whole “no white pants after Labor Day” thing has got to stop. Winter whites are just so chic, you can’t pass them up just because of a silly rule, don’t you think? Now I’m not saying to wear your whole summer wardrobe during the winter. I know that’s not realistic. But you can totally wear white pants any time of year, even in the winter, as long as you alter your look based on the season. As like as you winterize the outfit, you can’t go wrong.  Here’s how I wear white in the Winter:

how to wear white pants in winterThe key in how to wear white jeans now in the Winter is to, well,  winterize the look. Rather than wear a light blouse with your white pants as you might in the spring or summer, keep the look cold-weather friendly with a thick sweater. Stick to winter hues as well, like neutrals or jewel tones, to (show the world you know how to) keep the look season appropriate. It’s also important to have a sturdy pair of white jeans that are warm enough to wear in the colder Winter months. Often times white pants come in very light fabrics, but more and more I’m seeing them in thicker materials. Try shopping for them in the Winter months since stores sell clothes seasonally.

wear white pants in winterAnother feature you should take into account as you’re figuring out how to wear white pants in the Winter is the length of the pants. Capri’s or anything above the ankle are great for spring and summer, but look out of place in fall and winter. Keep the length at or below the ankle and wear with short booties, flats, or heels.  When shopping for white pants or jeans try on several pairs with different shoes to see how to pair the two in real life.

how to wear white pants in winterDo you wear white pants any time of the year?  Does this help you know how to rock white pants in the Winter?  (you totally can).

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Amanda Holstein

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  1. Alecia :

    I was raised in the south…wearing white pants after Labor Day and before Easter was a NO-NO. Which seems totally ridiculous!

    However, I still don’t wear white for some reason in January. I might be a rebel and wear white pants in October.

    I am a wuss.

    • Allison :

      DO IT! I double dog dare you….