How to Spray Paint Trophies DIY

//  Today’s DIY: how to recycle old trophies with spray paint.  I know you’ve always wanted to learn how to do this.  In fact, *I* have always wanted to learn, so I’m extra stoked about this DIY.

DIY trophy with spray paint
A while back I had a hellish, non-stop migraine for 3 months straight and was pretty immobilized, unable to post on the blog in any regular fashion.  I put a call out to friends and loved ones to guest post, and everyone came through with flying colors, of course.  My Instagram friend, Courtney Snowden, offered up this amazing post on how to re-purpose old trophies, and it’s been sitting in the queue ever since.  Courtney is extremely clever and I’m excited for you to check out this DIY she whipped up to show all of us how to spray paint + re-purpose random household objects into cool decor.  //  Note from Allison

boys room decor
It makes me happy that the word “CRAFT” isn’t basically considered a swear word anymore. It wasn’t too long ago that the simple mention of the word evoked images of grannies crocheting barbie doll toilet paper roll covers. Crafting today is actually considered pretty cool.

It’s hip to be a crafter.

Back in the day, people would make “hand made” to save money.  ‘Tis not really so anymore.  Craft supplies can get rather pricey; even a good quality yard of fabric is upwards of $10 dollars. Geesh! A project can really add up. For this very reason, I like to be resourceful AND environmentally friendly AND use a lot of old materials. That, and I sorta have a thing for thrift stores and am crazy about the whole hunting and gathering aspect.
I do lots of projects. In theory lots of projects seem simple. In actuality, they are not. I can say with certainty, that this project is one of the simplest projects I have ever done. Even the “I’m not crafty” or craft-challenged can feel good about their skills on this one.

How to Spray Paint Trophies DIY Supplies:

Yep, that’s it.

Step 1: 

Gather old trophies. If your kids are involved in sports or any other sort of extracurricular activity, chances are you’ve acquired quite the lot of these things. If they haven’t, parents of the kids that have acquired trophies have sneaked them to the Goodwill.  Believe me, there are hoards of trophies at the thrift store.

old trophies

Step 2:

Choose your spray paint. Be creative with your color choices. Remember, things don’t always have to “match” they just have to “go.” Quite frankly, they don’t even have to “go,” you just have to like it! I’m making up my own design rules here.

DIY Spray Paint

After many a can bought and many a project completed, I will tell you honestly that RUST-OLEUM brand has the best coverage.  I don’t always have the patience for prep work, and this paint goes on smooth and even, without using primer. The only real prep work you need to do is to make sure your trophy is clean. Just rinse it off to make sure there’s no dirt or dust on it. The paint won’t stick properly if it’s dirty.

DIY spray paint trophies

Step 3:

Spray away. It’s best to spray paint outside, on a sunny (not windy) day.

DIY spray painting
If mother nature isn’t being agreeable, at least make sure you’re in a well ventilated area, the stuff is toxic! The trick to spray painting is light applications. Don’t get too overzealous and try to cover the whole trophy at once. Trust me, it doesn’t end up well. Drips and blotches and runs, oh my… Do a light spray and let it completely dry. Then do another spray and so on. It usually takes about 3 or 4 applications to get the trophy covered. Remember, let the paint COMPLETELY dry in between coats.

how to spray paint trophies
I loved the look of this gold horse so I just left it, and painted the base with regular ol’ pink craft paint. Trophies are pretty easy to take apart, just keep track of how you did it. Having leftover screws and pieces at the end of a project is worrisome.

old trophy
DIY girls room decor

Step 4:

There is no step four, you’re done! See…I told you, simple. Guess what? YOU’RE A CRAFTER!!!!

Now go decorate with your trophies and show off them skills!


// Thanks Courtney for showing off your mad skills. I’m so excited to go spray paint something now that I have the how-to fresh in my head. Seriously, I’m going to spray paint everything! Courtney Snowden can be found on Instagram and periodically on her blog where she’s always showing off how to whip up something fantastic. //

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