How-To Preserve Garden Herbs For Winter

Today’s how-to is all about preserving garden herbs for winter.  Did you know that was a thing?  If only my teenage self could see me now.  She’d be horrified that I not only keep a garden, but take extra steps to preserve my herbs for the Winter.  It’s all good, teenage Allison, chill out.

how-to preserve garden herbsLearning how-to preserve your herbs to use in the cold months of the year is a thing, and it’s a super easy thing at that.  Also, tasting *fresh* garden herbs in the depths of frozen Winter?  I don’t want to go Martha on you, but it’s a good and lovely thing, a very wonderful thing, so let’s get to it.

I planted a lot of herbs in my Summer garden this year, and had rosemary and basil coming out my nose so I’m grateful there’s a way to preserve that business.  (although don’t try to preserve basil, it’s a wimpy plant for the freezer)  Let’s get started, shall we?

How-To Preserve Garden Herbs For Winter

Items needed:

  • chopping knife
  • cutting board
  • fresh rosemary
  • ice cube trays
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Saran-Wrap
  • freezer

garden rosemaryStep 1:

Pick rosemary from your garden.  Or from the grocery store shelves.

freshly picked rosemaryStep 2:

Wash rosemary really well, towel dry on a dish towel.

Step 3:

Separate rosemary leaves from plant stalks

preserve garden herbsStep 4:

Using a large chopping knife, chop rosemary finely

chopped herbsStep 5:

Fill ice cube tray with chopped rosemary.  Fill at least 3/4 of each individual cube.

rosemary olive oil Step 6:

Pour olive oil into each cube until rosemary is completely submerged

preserve herbsStep 7:

Tightly cover ice cube tray with Saran Wrap

Step 8:

Place ice cube tray in freezer on a flat surface

Preserve Garden Herbs For Winter Step 9:

Et voilà!  Frozen rosemary cubes.

ice cube herbs Step 10:

Very carefully remove the cubes from the ice cube tray + place in a Zip-Lock bag to keep airtight in the freezer until ready for use.  I used a small paring knife to remove mine.  They melt while you’re working so do it fast.

Can you believe you now know how-to preserve those delicious summer herbs?  You should be very proud of your homemaker-y skills.  Let’s make that with a ‘z’, homemaking SKILLZ, yo, you’ve got them.

preserve fresh garden herbsWhen you’re ready to use the rosemary for cooking, pop a couple cubes of herbs into a pan and simmer on low heat until frozen olive oil is melted in pan.  I made the most delicious rosemary chicken just like this, using frozen garden herbs and it may have been the most delicious chicken I’ve ever made.  I’m just saying.

Go forth and preserve!  You have no excuse now that you have the how-to bookmarked and ready to go.

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