how to pore strips

DIY pore strips are so easy!  You know those Biore pore strips you buy at the drugstore for about $12 a pop?  Yeah, those.  Today I’m going to teach you how to make your own homemade pore strips.

make your own pore strips

Why?  Because:

  1. I’m obsessed with beauty products
  2. I’m obsessed with cheap
  3. Homemade {mostly} = cheap.  Mostly.
  4. Cheap Beauty = HAPPY Allison

Ready?  Ready.

make your own pore strips



Pore Strips Ingredients:

  • 1 Tablespoon unflavored gelatin
  • 1 1/2- 2 Tablespoons Milk {any kind}

Dudes, 2 ingredients and your pores will look like magic.  What’s not to love?

homemade pore strips
  1. Measure 1 Tablespoon of Knox Unflavored Gelatin – 8 oz unflavored gelatin into a disposable container {if you put say, green jell-o on your face, there might be trouble}
  2. Add 1-2 Tablespoons of milk into the gelatin
  3. Until it looks like this
  4. Mix it up, and be quick about it, until you get a chunky consistency.  Add more milk if you’re uncomfortable with the amount of chunk.

Microwave the gelatin for about 10-15 seconds.  It will get creamier in the microwave.  Stir that around and start applying it IMMEDIATELY to your face.  This stuff hardens up fast so you’ve got to act fast.

do it yourself pore strips

This is pre-pore strip.  Wash your face before you apply.

DIY pore strips


I chose to put the stuff all over my face because I have thirty-year-old acne.  You can put it wherever your little heart desires.  You need to act fast though, because this stuff turns to gelatin pronto.  I know I’ve said that three times already, but I really mean it.

homemade facialSmokin’.

Let it dry for about 15+ minutes.  I waited longer, but you’ll know it’s time when you can’t talk for fear of breaking something.

pore strips

Grab whatever you can and start peeling.  This is the gross/fun part.

pore strips

It’s a good thing you can’t see the photo all that well.  Do this until you’re all peeled and your face will feel like a baby’s bottom.

Clean, practically hairless, with clean, dirt-free pores.

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  1. Deb Rox :

    Get. Out. A whole face strip?! Dude.

    • Allison :

      I know. Kind of revolutionary, right?

  2. Tammy :

    I really want to try this…but I don’t have a microwave. (I know right?) Do you think just adding warm milk would do the trick?

    • Allison :

      Totally. Or just heat the whole thing up on the stove for about a minute. It will ABSOLUTELY work.

  3. jodi :

    awesome tip! i will totally be trying this out on my 34 year old acne pronto!

    • Allison :

      Isn’t the adult acne a pain in the tush?

  4. Shari (fruitloopgirl) :

    Look at you and all your cleverness! I am so going to have to share this people!

    • Allison :

      Yes, I love this how to, love it!

  5. Carrie M :

    Fun! I’m in! It combines my favorite pastimes of obsessing over my pores and attempting to sit still for 15 minutes.

    • Allison :

      The older I get, the bigger my pores get, so this is a super fun past time!


  6. Ali :

    Totally love this! I have 35 year old acne and am planning a trip to the store tomorrow so I can make myself a mask and have serious beauty time while my little one naps! Thanks again!

    • Allison :

      Ali, I’m so there with you, sadly.

      But this stuff is awesome!

  7. Ashley :

    You rock, Allison!!! Too excited to try this.

    Could this be part of a beauty gift basket? Give a little jar of gelatin and instructions of how to make/apply?

    • Allison :

      Oh my gosh, of course! I’d give the powdered gelatin in the jar though, yes, totally, with a how-to.

  8. JenB :

    You look beautiful even doing this. You’re amazing.

    • Allison :

      Stop it! I look, in a word: scary

      But your comment still made me smile.

  9. erin m. :

    Do you think this is okay to use on sensitive skin?

    • Allison :

      Yes, there aren’t any chemicals in it or additives that would hurt your skin. However, I’d probably do a small patch first before the whole face, just to see how you react.

  10. Kami :

    I have to try this!

    • Allison :

      You’ll die, D-I-E.

  11. Anne :

    Seriously, when is YOUR book coming out? I’d buy it (even though I’m cheap)because my printouts of your homemade beauty stuff are cluttering up my purse and my bathroom drawer.

    • Allison :


      Writing a book is almost at the top of my to-do list in the new year, and I’m not even joking.

      So glad you like the tutorials!

  12. Marie :

    Let’s have a beauty day. Wash our hair, strip our faces, then do smokey eyes!!!

    • Allison :

      You name the day of the week babe, you know where I live.

      And we can listen to Glee, and braid each others’ hair, and paint our nails!

  13. Jessie :

    I’ve been reading your blog for 2 days straight & I so ditto the book idea. LOVE your site!! Thanks for your entertainment mixed with your oobles of helpfulness! I’m off to the store, to buy brown sugar, gelatin, and uncoated aspirin- all for my face/skin. Awesome!

    • Allison :

      So happy you’re entertained!

      You’ll love the way your body feels when you’re done with all the homemade remedies.

  14. Jessie :

    Did this last night- it was fun! I couldn’t believe how great it worked- and I have 4 biore strips left in a box in my cabinet- they’re fired. I think I put it on too thick in some areas though- and took a while to dry. When I could barely talk anymore, I figured it was time! It made enough for me to do my face and my moms! Anyway- I still have 3 envelopes of knox left & I’m pretty excited. MUCH cheaper than the strips! Thx!

    • Allison :

      Jessie, so happy it worked. So much cheaper!

  15. Whitney :

    Genius! So excited that there are people like you out there that will figure this stuff out so I don’t have to. ;) Not enough time in the day! Thanks a million – gelatin is on my next grocery list.

    • Allison :

      Let me know how it works out, I’m addicted!

  16. Heather :

    I am trying this right now! I’m 35 but I have the acne of a 17 year old along with some beautiful rosacea…hot I know :)

    I even had to post this to my fb to share with my friends!

    • Allison :

      Heather, I have horrid skin, so I’m happy to try anything.

  17. Jana :

    I love you.

    • Allison :


  18. Vicki McMaster :

    Awesome idea! Is there such a thing as vegetarian gelatin? And if there is, would it work?
    Cheers m’dear xXx

    • Allison :

      Hmm, I’ve never heard of vegetarian gelatin but it’s possible. If so, it would totally work!

    • Cecily :

      Agar Agar is vegan and the same as gelatin.

    • Amy Rotherham :

      Agar Agar is vegetarian gelatin made from sea weed rather than animal product and can be purchased in powder form. I assume it would work the same.Can’t wait to try this!

  19. Amber :

    Haha worked wonderfull…but you seemed to forget to mention just how painful it is taking off XD

    • Allison :

      Was it? Yes, I guess it was. I forgot, sorry!

  20. Debbie :

    I’m going to try this tomorrow.

    • Allison :

      Do it, and let me know how it works!

  21. Jen :

    Hm, I’ve seen this before. Did you get this from Michelle Phan? If so, credit is most certainly due.

    • Allison :

      It’s anywhere you look on the internet. Michelle Phan has certainly done a version of it, as has anyone else.

      • alex :

        yeah, but yours is an exact replica of Michelle’s. Just sayin’

  22. Audrey :

    Oh my gosh, this is amazing. As a broke college student,this will definitely become part of my beauty routine because I can actually afford this. Biore strips are totally out of my budget! I think my sorority sisters will really like this also. I love the gift idea! Also, I have to say, your eyes are gorgeous!

  23. Ian :

    I’m a 17 year old boy in highschool and I’m totally going to do this haha. Surprsing, right? Maybe it’ll get rid of the little spots.

    • Samantha :

      Ian–no shame in that! Even 17 year old boys have clogged pores. ;)

  24. Heather :

    Is this similar to wax? Will it take off all of the hair or just some of the peach fuzz?

  25. SHelbie :

    Ive tried this before! It works, but smells horrible, lol

  26. Leanna @ :

    !! I was totally planning on going and buying some..but if I can make it at home…

  27. Emily :

    Would a Jell-O packet work?

    • Meg :

      If you use a flavored Jell-O it will dye your skin that color. Trust me, we did it by mistake in highschool when having a DIY Spa Sleepover.

  28. VANESSA :

    hey so what kind of strips do you use to take the gelatin off your face? Is it biore strips? or do you buy a certain kind? very interested in trying this but dont know what strips to get….

    • Sarah :

      @vanessa, you don’t use a strip!! You should be able to grab ahold of the hardened gelatin/milk mixture on your face and pull that right off!
      exciting, i know ;)

  29. Rachel :

    I love it. It’s genius, simple and cheap!

  30. Paige :

    I’m vegetarian so I don’t use gelatin (even if I’m not eating it) but do you think this would work with agar-agar(vegetarian gelatin?

  31. ajk :

    it removes hair?

    • Sarah :

      It removes some hair. Definitely not good enough for eyebrows or upper lip or anything. I just tried it, it hurts like hell to take off, specially around the chin and cheeks where there is that really light hair. It makes your face feel realllllly soft though!

  32. jane :

    Elmer’s glue works great too, believe it or not, and it’s quicker and easier. It’s a great exfolient too.

  33. Hamish :

    That’s super neat. I’m going to have to try this.

  34. laura lee :

    trying it right now! :) but MY GOSH this stuff STINKS!!!!!!!! might add some essential oils or something to it next time. Thanks!

  35. Samantha :

    You. Are. A. Genius.

    Seriously. I’m going to go buy some gelatin TOMORROW and try this.

  36. laura :

    ohh that does look fun – almost as good as the old days when we were allowed to peel sunburnt skin! I must have a go…

  37. Allie :

    AMAZING. Thank you for this golden nugget of information :D

  38. Leah F :

    I have to say i was slightly skeptical of this at first, but my mind has now been changed. I just tried this fantastic concoction out! My face feels great, and even my boyfriend likes it!
    Thanks so much for this recipe, its one i will never forget.

    • hah ah :

      Whatever! If i nail 2 sticks together is that my invention. Who gives a crap about sources and credit! Eff off if you dont like it!

  39. Sydney :

    Combining gelatin and milk isn’t rocket science. I can bet you there are a ton of sites that have the exact same recipe, so just let it go.

    I’m definitely going to have to try this. I really need to stop squeezing the stuff out of my poor little nose, even though it’s ridiculously fun.

    I don’t know if I can handle the smell of the milk, as I have been either allergic or lactose intolerant my entire life, how milky does it end up smelling? Could you just use water?

    • Me :

      Makes no difference.
      This recipe came from somewhere. Even when statistics are obvious, you have to cite your sources because someone compiled it.

      And rocket science isn’t hard. I’ve done it. It’s memorizing formulas and patterns.

      • me 2 :

        More of your blah blah blah… get off your ass and walk off that weight you have been accumulating sitting there bitching about irrelevant information!

  40. tjrf65 :

    no doubt! i still have boxes of gelatin from when my kids were putin’ it in their hair! thanx :)

    • emaa :

      whatt does gelatin do in haiir? i searched it upp, but nothinng showwed up.. i’m interestedd now!

  41. Leigh :

    Yeah. The only thing is it smells absolutely, positively horrible. It smells like something that came out of a baby.

  42. VANESSA :

    Thanks! I’ll be sure to try it :)

  43. Kelsey :

    I added two drops of rose essential oil which made the recipe smell quite lovely. I would not recommend putting this all over your face though OUCH OUCH OUCH! While it does make your face very soft, and it is quite effective, it is also painful to remove. I will probably use it again for my trouble areas like my chin and nose. But never again on my cheeks or forehead… Let me say it one more time OUCH!!!

  44. Elizabeth :

    This is awesome, I just finished trying it out!

    The drawbacks are the stinky and funky smell, as well as the intense pain I suffered through while removing this bad boy! I took it off about 30 minutes ago, and my skin is still pink and sorta burns in some spots….

    On the up side, my skin is super silky smooth, and this stuff is totally the right price! I’m going to continue to use it, but probably only on my nose and chin. :) Thanks so much for the recipe! Genius!

  45. Sydney :

    Definitely tried it tonight. I have really sensitive skin, if you look at me too hard, it turns red. Definitely didn’t end up with anything on the strip, so I think I may just have biggish pores, and not a whole lot in them. It’s still tingling 30 minutes later, so let’s hope it doesn’t end up all red tomorrow.

    I have to say that it smells almost exactly like vomit. So, be warned.

  46. Sandy :

    Why do people keep saying to cite sources? This is a great recipe, and maybe someone else does have it, but why do so many people need to comment? Geez, we get it.

    Great recipe. I’m getting gelatin tomorrow!

    • me 2 :

      Exactly! :)

  47. Andrea :

    Wow, this sound fantastic! I have a lot of blackheads on my nose, and am hoping this will do the trick. How often would you say that this should be done? I would imagine that doing this too frequently would cause skin irritation, any recommendations? :)

  48. Vicky :

    This sounds amazing! Oooooonly, one small(ish) issue with me… I’m vegan! Do you think there is something similar I could use instead of the gelatin? For milk, I could probably use soy milk?
    Anyway, this may be a stretch, but I’d really love to try this!

    and yeah, those darn Biore strips are too expensive for my particularly tight budget.

  49. Jamie :

    this worked wonders on my acne ridden skin! didn’t smell to wonderful but small price to pay. maybe i was the only one to make this silly mistake but do NOT try to rinse out the rest of this concoction in cold water. it sticks like crazy!
    otherwise love it!

  50. Amber :

    Do you think it this would be ok on sensitive skin?

  51. Jayme :

    I am SO excited! I was messing around on StumbleUpon this afternoon and it brought your blog up, and I can’t stop reading it. You rock, thanks for all the amazing tips!

  52. Mary :

    This is cool but does it actually work? How often do I need to do it?

  53. Dievca :

    What brilliance!!!! I tried it and it worked WONDERFULLY- thank you for putting this up! Will make this a regular part of my routine for sure. I got here through Stumble Upon and am very thankful!

  54. Elly :

    Works amazingly! I was really impressed…it smells awful though…I would definitely recommended adding some oils or something.