How To Plain Painted Pencils Craft

This craft how to for making painted plain wooden pencils is so easy and adorable!  Let’s get started.


painting plain pencils


I love pencils.  I just do.  I love the way they smell a little bit like fresh wood, I love it when they get sharp to a perfect point, and I love writing with them.  It takes me all the way back to Kindergarten, which is basically the very best year of anyone’s education.  Freshly sharpened new pencils, treats, crafts, and nap-time.  I wish all of life was like that.  The best!


Plain Painted Pencils Craft

Anyway.  Let’s paint some pencils.


paint plain pencil craft

How To Plain Painted Pencils Craft Supplies:

  • plain wooden pencils
  • craft paint
  • sharpened pencils or pins (to make dots)
  • masking tape (to make stripes)
  • paintbrush or small paint sponge
  • newspaper or recycled paper


Step 1: Lay out your craft supplies on a few layers of recycled paper or a newspaper so you don’t get paint on your nice counter or table surfaces.

Step 2: Squirt some craft paint onto the newspaper or in a small bowl.

Step 3: For polka-dot pencils, dip the sharpened tip of a pencil or the top of a pin into the paint and gently press onto the fresh pencil.  Do one side at a time and allow it to dry completely before rotating to finish dots on the other side.

Step 4: For striped pencils, tape off sections of the pencil.  Double up if you want different lengths of stripe.  Paint a few layers of paint onto the blank spaces of pencil with the paintbrush.  Use different colors or all one color, it’s totally up to you. Alternating colored stripes are really fun.

Step 5: Allow pencils to dry completely, or overnight.

Step 6: Gift to friends / kids / family  for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Back-To-School and birthdays!  They’re such a cute + fun thoughtful homemade gift.  Tie a single pencil with a pretty ribbon or package a few together.  They’re darling, no matter how you package them up!


how to paint pencils

Have fun crafting your new pencils!


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  1. Nikki :

    Adorable :)

    • Allison :

      Thank you, Nikki! They’re SO easy and so fun!