How to Make Your Own DIY Valentines

Home made valentines

Today it’s how to make your own (inexpensive) DIY Valentines for the big V-day.  Let’s say it’s the day before Valentine’s Day *cough* and you need some really quick DIY Valentines that won’t break the bank.  Who’s your girl?

Me, that would be me.

Martha did this how to originally, but my version is a little less formal.  It’s just how I roll, there’s no helping it.  The awesome thing about this great Valentine DIY is that you probably have all the supplies hanging around your house somewhere.  Maybe.  I hope.  If you don’t, they’re muy inexpensive to pick up at your local bodega.

diy valentines supplies


How to Make Your Own DIY Valentines Supplies:

  • 1 stalk Romaine lettuce
  • large knife to cut lettuce
  • stamp pads + / or craft paint
  • paintbrush (if you use craft paint)
  • card-stock or sturdy paper of your choice


valentine's stamp


How to Stamp a DIY Valentine:

This is the really easy part.

  • Step 1: Wash + dry Romaine lettuce
  • Step 2: When the lettuce is dry use a large knife to slice off the bottom fourth of the lettuce stalk
  • Step 3: Turn newly cut side of lettuce down on a kitchen towel and allow to dry a bit
  • Step 4: Paint or color the base of the lettuce with the color/medium of choice
  • Step 5: Using the lettuce base as a stamp, press onto pre-folded piece of card-stock to make a gorgeous rose stamp
  • Step 6: Present card to your love, your kid, your mom, or other deserving person
  • Step 7: Rinse + repeat
home made stamps

Who’s the boss?  You ah.

home made stamps

Go make some Valentines for the lovely people in your lives.  Or for the little people in your lives who have a class party tomorrow demanding 30 handmade, homemade-with-love-Valentines.  Because you’ve got time for that kind of nonsense in your lives, I can feel it.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!  Go knock ’em dead.

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  1. melwellblessed :

    I use the base of celery, makes a very nice rose stamp. Either way, nothing beats a handmade Valentine. :).

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    It was good idea if i got it on right time :) By the way looks so pretty.