How To Make Your Own DIY Boot Holders

Let’s make DIY boot holders!



Did you know you can make your own DIY boot holders with a couple of empty paper towel tubes?  And it’s SO EASY.  Because you basically have to do nothing.  This is one of those DIY’s where all you have to do is show up, so even your mom can do it.  Especially your mom.  (sorry, mom joke. I can’t even help it.)


DIY homemade boot holders

I have a few pairs of leather boots, all of which end up sad and collapsed in my master bedroom closet if they don’t have internal reinforcement.  And it’s not great for boots (or any shoes, actually) to collapse in on themselves when they’re not being worn.  Which is one of the reasons shoes in stores are filled with cardboard and tissue paper.  Shoes need something to hold the place of feet when they’re not in use, otherwise they crumple, and leather (and suede and every other material) can fold in on itself and crack.  No bueno, friends.


Make Your Own DIY Boot Holders

The easiest solution, for boots, is empty paper towel tubes.  I was pretty skeptical the first time I tried this trick, but it’s basically cheap magic (which is the best kind of magic, I think).

All you have to do is slide the paper towel tubes into the boots, as far down as they will go.  It doesn’t matter if there’s extra space at the top of the boot where the paper towel holders won’t reach.  Just having the holders holding up the main part of the boot is enough.




In fact, the pair of boots I wear most often, these grey leather boots I picked up at Target many years ago, are far taller than the paper towel rolls, but it doesn’t matter.  As long as the main part of the boot is supported, you’re all good.


DIY boot holders


Boom.  Easy. Here are the boots with the DIY boot holders (aka empty paper towel rolls) inside.  It’s voodoo magic.


Let’s look at the before and after:


make it DIY boot holders

Big difference, right?  The best part is that empty paper towel tubes are FREEEEZIES. And it doesn’t really get better than free, does it?

Go out and make yourself some DIY boot holders, guys.  I’m excited for you.


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