How to make your life the best life possible

living your best life


A few weeks ago I went to see this movie, About Time (a film from Richard Curtis, the creator of Love Actually, Notting Hill, and Four Weddings and a Funeral).  I love Rachel McAdams and romantic movies and was super stoked to see it, (check out the About Time movie trailer, good grief, you’ll want to go see it asap).  But it’s totally not a romantic movie (it is and it isn’t), it’s mostly an amazing movie about how to live the best life ever, no regrets.  It’s out in a handful of theaters November 1 and everywhere November 8th.

Go put it in your date book right now, I’ll wait.


living your best life


I beat the drum of living your best life all the time because I feel the frailty of life in a different way than most.  Living with Lupus has of course changed everything.  I don’t take much for granted, I can’t afford to.  Parenthood has affected me deeply, to the end that I think twice about everything, mull over my life’s experiences and how I can pass on the most important wisdom I’ve earned while taking my own advice.



live the best life


One of the best things I’ve done in the last few years, and have encouraged my children to do recently, is to create a Life List.  It’s like an actionable bucket list, and it’s always in the back of my brain, always.  I add to it all the time, and take stuff off I decide I don’t care that much about in the end.  It’s my template for living life intentionally.  Looking for adventure.  Creating meaning.  Making my own happy.  Because if I’ve learned one thing about life it’s that this isn’t a dress rehearsal, this is it, the Big Kahuna.  It’s now or never, and I totally prefer now because never is pretty definite.

Today I’m here to share my punch list for life.  Go get it.


living your best life


How To Make Your Life The Best Life Possible

  • Don’t assume you have all the time in the world, you don’t
  • Live like you mean it
  • Enjoy the good
  • Don’t dwell on the bad
  • Be a nice person
  • Make others’ lives better for having known you
  • Choose to be happy
  • Lead a meaningful life
  • Kiss more often
  • Love the one you’re with
  • Dream big
  • Stop caring about what everyone thinks
  • Don’t kick your babies out of bed, they won’t always want to crawl in
  • Hug more, hug longer
  • Choose to have fun
  • Hold hands more often
  • Don’t ‘get around’ to doing things you’ve always wanted
  • Shave your head (if you’ve always wanted to)
  • Be more caring
  • Travel to Bali
  • Wear red lip-stick
  • Start that hobby / business you always talk about
  • Get a pixie cut
  • Be more kind
  • Go to the gym
  • Find your tribe
  • Savor the moment

What would you do today if you didn’t have any tomorrows?  Make it something amazing, LIFE IS SHORT.

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  1. Marie :

    Can’t wait to see this movie, looks so good! And your hair is super rad. I think that might be on my life list one day, to shave the side of my head. For reals! I’m jelly of you!

  2. jane :

    life IS short – loooove the list you made (although, not so sure about that red lipstick ;) ) love you to pieces. glad I’m in your tribe.